Thursday, June 13, 2013

Haunted Hawaii

growing up we used to call pale-skin people 'ghosts' on the beach. This kind of 'ghost' is not the subject of this post. ; )

We had just arrived in Oahu, and had gone downtown to watch the Kamehameha Floral Parade. My boy had eaten breakfast for lunch at Jack In The Box near the Bishop Street Parking Structure. That didn't appeal to me. I wanted Buddhist Vegetarian.

As you know, I easily get lost. We made a right onto South King Street, and walked past Arnold Macy's that was closed. We realized we had gone the wrong way, and turned around.

At that instant, the thought crossed my mind, this place is Haunted!

As if to emphasize, the point, this postcard ad showed up under my foot:
Haunted Wonderland, Saturday October 26, 2013

Wonderland Presents the 4th annual.

What was strange is that there are two sides to the ad. The Summer Wonderland, Sat August 17,2013 was on the other side. That isn't the side that showed up.

I didn't see any ghosts or orbs, but I did 'sense' that is was no accident I 'got lost' there and 'picked up on the paranormal activity'.

One of the things I would like to put out there, in plain English, is that ghosts suffer. They are there because they do not know about the Light or are misunderstanding it. Because of this, looking for ghosts just for the sake of 'entertainment' is not 'cool'. Many tours walk by the same ghost, night after night, never stopping to think that they could help it!

That is what I did in Victoria, BC last September. I helped set them free. The tour guide wondered why the 'worst vortex wasn't there' that night. I knew.

If you have a heart and also the gift, next time you take a tour, send them Light. They can always come back if they want to after crossing over. Some like to stay. Isn't it fair to at least offer them the choice?

Here are some links to tours I recommend:

Aloha and Namaste,

Reiki Doc