Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Glowing Buddha At The Buddha Shack

This is like the flower the Buddha gave to me yesterday

I am staying at the home of a friend in Hawaii. We do yoga together every morning in her Buddha Shack that is on the property. After, we chant and send Reiki healing.

It is a beautiful way to start the day. The air is cool, and we are in the rain forest. The land is alive with birds calling. Everything is vibrant and fresh.

This Buddha Shack is in Thailand, ours has the same 'feel'

Yesterday's healing was pretty intense. I titled the post, 'Healing Is Not Pretty'. You may look at the sidebar and click if you want to know more.

Today there was no Buddha. There was a supportive entity I know throughout the yoga workout. I smiled a lot and was happy to be 'watched over' by someone with love in their heart on Spirit Side.

At the chanting, The Buddha arrived.

He looked like this, but was glowing:

Here is a picture that shows somewhat 'more' of the 'glow'. It was otherworldly:

I saw him with the Light Connection to everyone that ever followed his teachings. He felt far and distant, untouchable, but it was still him.

'Do you Love me?' he asked, simply.

I had to think. Yes, I know I love him. But I had trouble bringing forth the Loving Feelings that I had for him on Sunday when I asked the same question about him myself. I did not like 'sharing' him with 'other people' in this intense Love connection on a Spiritual level. Before, it was just us two.

My heart said, 'This is the same Buddha. He is doing what he does best--what God sent for him to do. The Love for him is no different, only clearer perhaps because now you have the chance to Love him for What He Is.' And the Love came forth.

Instantly, he pulled me UP and I was with him, and now I was glowing too.

'What do you do all day?' I asked, curious what the purpose was for someone to Glow.

He blinked off and on like a Christmas tree light.

I giggled.

And then I understood: On Gaia the purpose is to Raise the Vibration through Life Experiences. On His level, the purpose is to Maintain the Vibration for Others to Find Their Way.

'Don't you get, like, VACATION?' I blurted out.

Now HE laughed, and covered his mouth and I could see his shoulders shook with laughter at my directness and Truth, from my personal perspective.

He showed me how he has many different parts of him, all alive, some on Earth, experiencing Life Lessons 'just to keep him fresh and up-to-date' on the challenges to his Vibration. In the Higher Dimensions you can have many 'splits' of yourself for Higher Good. He is able to have some 'copies' of himself for 'vacation' too. (I realized there is a 'difference' in communication across the 'dimensions' between us, and that we were navigating these differences well.)

He asked me if I can hold my Vibration.

I concentrated, and it WORKED! It felt very nice! There was a Connection to Source that I have not experienced any other time or any other way. I wanted to stay there!

He yanked me 'out', and I was back to normal glowing again.

He showed me someone on Gaia. I recognized him. He said that is my new task: to hold my vibration for this person and to Love him with all my might, whether he returns the love, or not, he needs exposure to my vibration to 'progress' in his life's purpose.

I accepted with delight!

I went down to Earth to see this person, who could not see or feel my Presence, but I started sending Love. He looked around and sensed 'something' but could not place it.

Then I went back up to The Buddha, and kissed him on the cheek. I reached into my heart and gave him a boquet of 'Spirit Flowers' in gratitude for my new 'assignment'. He was very moved by my gesture, sniffed and admired the flowers, and then put them in the little pouch he has on the right side of his belt. It is brown, old, worn, and had a draw string on it.

He then smiled and did a 'third eye bump' with me. I felt all the love and warmth and closeness of yesterday, and I felt glad.

Then it was time to go.


Reiki Doc