Sunday, June 16, 2013

Reiki And The Neighbors Who Argue

Tonight as I set the table for dinner on the balcony, the neighbors started up. I felt like this.

I am born under the sign of Cancer, Virgo rising. 

My home is my paradise. Energetically, physically, and in Spirit. Nothing messes with my tranquility. Not for long!

I raised my hands and sent distance Reiki to the home down the hill where they always fight. I made a bubble of Light to protect MY home and MY spiritual sanctuary.  I aimed Reiki right at them, Distance, CRK, and H.

The color was deep emerald green, like this, in a ray straight to their home. I also was guided to send the Platinum Ray.

I am psychic. I 'knew' they were watching me through the sliding glass window. I didn't care. I stretched out my arms like this:

I am certain they thought I was more like this--LOL:

It did not matter WHAT they think. For I KNOW without a doubt that I am like this:

And through my own Free Will and Light I can connect with the part of them that is like this:

When auras connect on the etheric plane, there is no 'defense'. Light wins. Love is overpowers Hate. It is simple physics of Vibration and Energy.

They stopped.

I FELT Peace return.

And dinner was enjoyable in the fresh air with the birds singing in the many nearby trees.

I adore Peace. Are you willing to defend it?

I am. Each and every day. Just like today. You can too. You have the power. You have Light. All you have to do is set the intent and BOOM! Peace returns.

My guides want you to know that they took my energy and made a bright green vortex in the home. I don't have to turn the Reiki off. They will take care of the rest. And I asked them to cut the etheric cords between me and them. They did, and I felt instantly lighter.

It works! You can do it! Let me know how it turns out for you. : D


Reiki Doc