Saturday, June 22, 2013

Lime Mint Apple Gold Green Ray That Came To Gaia Today

There is a new Light Energy that came down in the form of a Healing Ray today. The qualities are bright green kind of like a granny smith apple, but vibrant and with gold in it. The water around these two ducks has somewhat of the quality, but if you look that the lightest parts that is close to 'it'.

The Ray came down with a whole bunch of Galactics standing shoulder to shoulder. They were 'above' me and dressed in their 'off white'. At the center was Ashtar.

This Ray is to be used to promote Awakening (of people) and Regeneration and Healing for all life of Surface Gaia (plants, animals, landscapes, and people).

I sent it as I was asked.

I understood this is a form of Goddess Energy that is very new and very powerful.

I also asked the Guides to come closer so I could ask them a favor.

Q: You are all so very handsome and beautiful! I like to look at you. Might I please see you again?

A: How would you like to see us all over the t.v.?

Q: Well, seeing you in person has a Presence, much as I would love to see you as much as possible, might I please get to see you face-to-face some other time?

A: (Affirmative)

Q: Might I please give you something as a gift? (I reached into my heart center and pulled out a flower. It is white blooms that are tiny on many little stems. Florists use it with roses; it is called where I live, 'baby's breath').  You are the roses, you are all so very powerful and intelligent and advanced. I would like to always be remembered as your 'baby's breath', to be near you and draw further attention to your beauty. Is that okay?

A: (it is okay)

Then they went away. I can sense in general energy terms that 'Heaven Is Coming To Earth' much in the same way the big crystal ball drops on Times Square at Midnight in New York City. It is descending slowly and surely, but in no big 'rush'.

I was asked to share about this energy. So I am.

Aloha and Namaste,

Reiki Doc

P.S. The little one I wrote about in this post: has been assessed by my friend and healer, expert Margaret Mc Cormick. The five year old 'terror' had TWO DE's and multiple NE's. The DE's are removed and a clearing is being done as we speak. It is highly unusual for a child to have even one NE, never mind a DE. Abuse of some kind is always susupected in these situations, but it is not clear enough to report as it may not be happening at the current home situation. The clearing is a gift to humanity and to the child to have a better life ahead of them. This explains why the agitation escalation to assault during the course of our stay: the 'attachments' are highly allergic to Goddess Energy. : )))

For more on the process, please see: