Saturday, June 15, 2013

Conversations At The Checkout Counter At The Grocery Store

She was leaning on her forearms on the little counter by the 'slide your credit card through' machine. I heard her plaintively ask, 'Where is the coke at this store? Don't you just carry coke?'

young female cashier: We used to have it, I think.

customer: I looked everywhere and I couldn't find it.

cashier: Our coke is the kind that has Real Sugar in it.

customer: Actually, I was looking for the seven up. I want to make a good Sangria. You know, the kind where you take a bad bottle of wine and make a good Sangria.

cashier: (finishes the order0 Do you want me to ask someone to help you find it?

customer: No, that's okay.


I don't shop at regular markets.

'Conventional' markets are full of pesticide, GMO, and High Fructose Corn Syrup. From what I understand, there are three basic 'types' of stores:

  • The 'health food' kind with lots of supplements and everything is 'safe to eat'
  • The 'Trader Joe' kind where there is a little of both and you have to 'look' before you buy
  • The 'conventional' and 'big box' type of stores that sell what is 'cheaper'
Apparently this 'second type' of store was converting itself over to a 'first type'!


Gluten-free dessert made with oats, nuts,and maple syrup in Vitamix

I saw a mother pushing a cart with two teenagers taller than her following in tow, holding a list, and she was asking them, 'What is next on this list?'

They looked embarrassed and totally bored.

'You know what I don't like about shopping at this store?' she asked out loud, to no one in particular as my cart passed hers and we maneuvered, 'The aisles are too narrow!'


I saw the chakra necklace on the Young Female Cashier at the store when it was my turn. I made a comment.

me: I LOVE you necklace! Where did you get that?

her: my mentor gave it to me.

me: do you do Energy Healing?

her: I do. My mentor doesn't. I am Reiki Two.

me: Wow! Do you put it into the food?

her: well when I work at the supplement aisles I do. I look at them and think, Reiki!

me: You can wave your hands and put it in as you check the items too. You have the opportunity to touch a lot of lives!!!

She looks at me and smiles at this new idea--she likes it!

me: I am a blogger. I am a physician who does Reiki on my patients. I have over seventy-two thousand hits.

her: (is surprised and smiles) That's really good!

me: yes. And I am turning RAW vegan. Not all the way there yet, but working on it.

her: I was vegan once. For about six months...

box boy: I can't spend a day without eating anything that is meaty or dairy! (smiles)

me: (smiles back) some people are like that. It's in their DNA. That's okay.

box boy: I gave up the dairy, though. It makes my skin break out and gives me acne. 

I look and see that he is right. His face is full of acne.

her: You know there is this restaurant...Au Lac....It is my favorite. It is half RAW and half Vegan. No matter what you order, it is okay!

me: (I smile big) I know the owners. They are my best friends.  It is my favorite too. 

her: You know, as you turn vegan I know a lot about nutrition too. I can help. Come talk to me next time.

me: Okay, thanks! I will.

box boy: would you like some help out to the car?

me: no thank you, I am good. Have a nice day.

Times are changing for the better, are they not? It is a very small world in Southern California.


Reiki Doc