Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Shower Vortex

This morning I while taking my shower, Spirit let me know it was 'time to work'.

I did what was asked.  I was told this was to create a vortex of 'Cleansing and Retribution'.

Next thing I knew, as I was doing the energy work, this color vortex opened. It went right through my body and I arched my head and neck way back like this woman, even further. Right through my chest was a thick column of light just this color, well, it also had gold in it at the same exact time:

I was told this is carrying in the Light of the 5th dimension.

I also learned that as a gift I was given this Ray to use to Heal others. It came out my hands and felt very nice.

When it was done Spirit said they would maintain the vortex and I could go on with my day.

I 'sensed' this has something to do with the Solstice and the upcoming super moon. The energies have been building for three days now, and I felt like I was 'catching a wave' just in time to get this one to open at just the right instant. This shower was around five in the morning Pacific Daylight Time.

Spirit wants me to share this with you. So I am.

Remember, there are Cleansings and Retributions going 'around' on an energetic level; Spirit wants you to know that no matter how it appears, these changes are for the best and a Higher Good is going to come from it.


Reiki Doc

P.S.  1) ret·ri·bu·tion  
Punishment that is considered to be morally right and fully deserved.
requital - retaliation - punishment - reward - penalty

This one 'feels' like it is time for those who 'have' to be giving back to 'those who have not'. 'The jig is up for the ankle-biters' basically; it feels like Heaven is tired of some people taking advantage of others in a big way for a long time. I sense 'money and abundance' being given to those who have not.       

2) I have opened Vortexes near a water fountain, in the ocean, next to the ocean, and on land lying on my back. This is a first for the shower! It usually is expected, this one was spontaneously 'asked', It felt very Light.