Monday, June 17, 2013

Messages From My Patient's Angel and From Dad

I could show you the O.R., but why not Oahu?

At breakfast today my son goes, 'Mom? Are you listening to KAPA? WHY?'

'Because I might have to go to work but my EARS are still in Hawaii, son.' : )))

There is a great deal to cover. I think I will offer the highlights of just two things that happened in the O.R.

The first is that I had someone who was end stage 'Death By Fork' and has a note in the chart from another doc, stating, 'I have been blunt with the poor prognosis and the patient is thinking it over'.  Something was infected and needed to be cleaned out. However, it turns out this was not ordinary infection--the disease had spread and was 'fungating'.  You might want to look that one up. It's nasty to look at and even more sad to understand the significance when it is observed. It is very, very end stage.

My Reiki 1 RN and I were holding the patient up, she on one side and me with the airway, doing a 'light anesthetic' while the surgeon worked furiously quick. Even on a slow, pleasant case, this man is furiously quick. But in this case, the speed was a safety factor as the anesthesia was less than routine and 'carefree' on my part.

I winked at the R.N. as I opened the aura. I connected and didn't feel 'much'. This is because the aura/chakras were very end-stage, too, right? Anyhow, I got the thought to give the Transition Symbol to 'help the patient out' because they had no clue they were going to Transition in the very near future, just by talking with them I got that idea that they were in denial over dying and dying soon.

As I did that, her Guardian Angel popped up at the foot of the bed. He was about seven feet tall in ivory white robe thing with a gold cord belt. He had blonde long hair parted in the middle, and wings that almost scraped the ceiling. He was calm, and had very kind energy. 

He called me by my first name and said, 'You are a good egg.'

I liked that very much!

The second was during endoscopy. The team had on Pandora's Andy Williams station. As the case started, this song started at the same time. There was that 'feeling' to it that Spirit says to 'pay attention'. I listened with my whole heart, and was surprised to hear the words to my father's song he used to sing to get me to fall asleep at night, well, one of the many songs he used to sing...

Here it is:

In an instant, while the case was going and the ulcer was getting biopsied, I felt like I was in his arms again, feet hanging in the air, dancing cheek to cheek to this song. I felt DAD! There are tears in my eyes even now as I write this; by almost losing mom and having lost dad four years ago in June, I had made the decision this Father's Day to 'not go there'. It feels wonderful to know that Dad found me, and gave me this 'gift' from beyond.

It gets even better. We had been talking about my trip to Hawaii in the case. The gastroenterologist couldn't 'get' why anyone would want to go there. 'What is there to do at night?' he said, I answered, 'It depends on what island.'

The very next song after 'Dad's' was this one:

Now I can't stop crying...

Tomorrow would have been my twenty-fifth wedding anniversary. I have been logical and saying, 'Divorce happens to lots of people' and 'It was for the best' and 'I am happier'. And I am! But it also feels strange that it is just another day, and nobody cares, except me.

And daddy...

He walked me down the aisle...

He was there...

And he loves me forever. 

I never ask for anything from Spirit. I do and I do to help as best as I can.

But father gave me THIS gift. I felt him, and I understood it was him. 

There is also a deeper message in this combination of the songs that is between him and me. He knows about my heart,  And I can feel how he feels about what is going on with my heart right now. He thinks it is nice and is encouraging me.

I never in a million years thought anything like this could ever happen.

It is very sweet, very healing, and makes me feel like I am his Princess for one more day.

If you ever lost a parent, especially a woman who has lost her father, you would understand the meaning of what I am trying with words to express. If not, well, go hug your father. Pick up the phone and call. 

Daddy loved music. He spent hours on Napster downloading all of 'his songs'. What better way to 'talk' to me from Heaven? And what better day? Thank you Dad. I love you forever too.


Reiki Doc