Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Whatever You Are, Own It!

Aloha nui loa from my heart to you


My, my, my, my, my!

My energies have been quickening.

The clarity is going way up! 

I saw myself for the first time today through the eyes of my son--just randomly. Our hectic life, our hurried breakfasts, my always hitting the snooze button.

And I made the promise to myself to change that starting this day; no matter how stressed, I am going to reach deep into that wellspring of Light that flows in my core when I interact with him. 

I almost titled this 'Death By Stress'--A Slow Kill.

Already I have learned about the Cabal's plan to cull the global population by many 'slow kills', one is 'By Fork' (Metabolic Syndrome), one is by Chemtrail, one is 'Stress--By Financial Tyranny', one is 'Stress--By Watching The News' (HAARP makes plenty! LOL), another is 'Stress--By Breaking The Harmonious Relationships'...mine is 'Stress--By Working To Death'.

Today my Vibration hit a new mark, the highest it has ever been. And I want to keep raising it. There is this bright burning white Light in my Heart Center, and I am excited about it.

Very few have experienced this sensation in the past. I have studied them. I have read books. I know who they are. I love them and I totally look up to them. Francisco, Marta and Jacinta to name a few. And also The Little Flower. I adore Bernadette too. They are so pure and so giving, and they spoke of this Love in their hearts I could never imagine. Yet I am feeling it today. : ))) 

Our Operating Room is very 5th Dimensional. Our teamwork is incredible, with many pleases and thank you's and genuine wanting what is best for everyone involved. 

Today we took care of pediatric patients and everyone was so happy to be there to help the little ones with their problems to feel better!

Do I have the answers? No.

Does it matter? No.

Do I accept myself one hundred percent for what I am, clairvoyant, medium, doctor, mother, daughter, friend, sister, neighbor, Lightworker?

Absolutely, yes.

Today for the first time I am absolutely FREE of societal 'constraints' in my MIND. I want to keep the peace and not make waves--I went to Berkeley and never protested once! LOL. But I know what it True in my heart, my mind, my body and my spirit. There is one Truth. And half of it is seeing all the Lies brought out by the Cabal, Illuminati, and the Archons. They are so clear and obvious now that I know how to look, and I 'resonate' with what is true in my heart center. That is how I 'know'. For example:

  • I see the pattern--HAARP to Disaster to Relief Efforts Solicited by my bank at the ATM, and I question, 'Just how much of this money is going to get to the relief victims? Aren't they still waiting for 9/11 Twin Tower funds? What about Katrina and those trailers and the mayor? Intuition says, 'better think twice, don't just knee-jerk to give'.
  • I walk by the Doctor's Lounge and see Dick Cheney on Fox and I think, 'Archon in human form'. People were asking, 'Doesn't he have an artificial heart?' 'Gee, he sure looks younger?' That's right. The other ones were clones that aged fast--the Pope was one like that too.
  • Today the Doctor's Lounge had Turtle Man on it. I stopped cold and blurted out, 'After all these years working here this is the first time there was anything on this T.V. that I even LIKED!' LOL
  • Working with a pediatric patient first thing in the morning, I felt the pull of my 'calling'. I am highly skilled at making children have a fantastic experience with their surgery, as well as helping the parents (I actually talk with them, before and after the surgery!)
  • The newspaper is actually starting to be so contrived I find it funny. I read the whole thing in about five minutes!
You are in various stages of 'waking up'. Guess what? Even though I have been working at it like as much as a human possibly can--for the past I don't know how many years it's been that much--WE ARE THE SAME!

Everyone is in the Right Place at the Right Time for the Highest Good, isn't that right?

So we all win!

We all get to 'wake up' together!

We all get to Ascend and experience the joy of walking in Heaven while walking upon Gaia's surface.

We don't have to die.

We don't have to be sick.

We don't have to go hungry.

We don't have to worry about money. Why? Because there won't BE ANY!!! Except maybe what I call 'Heaven Dollars', mutual favors for one another

Gaia is going to be Healthy.

People are going to be nice.

No one will Lie and Cheat. Everyone will be 'on to them' if they do.

Today I healed a patient who spoke a different language from me and is from a notoriously war-torn part of the world. 

I healed a time-line through this patient. (I was asked).

A golden seraphim came flying to see me moments after. I earned a golden California poppy flower in Spirit, it looks just like a wild one, for my Japanese Spirit Jewelry Box from The Buddha.  He also Transformed into someone I think is Ashtar, and said a few words of encouragement and gratitude.
I was like, 'It was my PLEASURE! It was NOTHING!' He smiled and went away. I think I will call this one 'Aslan' because I like the C.S. Lewis books.

That being said, I love feeding koi, lighting incense, meditating. I love helping others in need. I love watching people learn and 'have it click' on just about any subject, but mostly I have taught anesthesia and Reiki. The way to my heart is through my stomach.

And Everything Happens For the Best!

Whatever it is, whatever you are, OWN IT! LOVE IT! CHERISH IT!

God does.

Why not you too?


Reiki Doc