Friday, June 7, 2013

A Wing And A Prayer

Today I had a special energy cleaning of a kind that was so unique and 'opening' I recommend it with highest enthusiasm.

I thought My clearing by Margaret that I had two years ago, with the Golden Mesh Of Protection was enough. But the loophole with that is we are vulnerable to attachments by our consent, invitation, or life choice.

Today I experienced the wings* of Kunde-Ra. They feel beautiful! I had one implant removed.

My energy feels better already.

I know these people. If you are very high energy, high vibration Lightworker, this is a healing for you.  Here is the link:


Reiki Doc

* -- at very high vibration, we get energy fields that come off the shoulder blades. They can be moved somewhat like a wing, by conscious thought. For lack of a better word, we call them 'wings'. They feel much better 'extended' and are as natural and normal as arms and legs are to me and you. <3