Saturday, June 8, 2013

Energy Medicine: Healing With Sound

Has anyone downloaded the app for Chakra Tuner yet? It really works! Here is the YouTube link to the same program, above. The YouTube also has a link to a free download site, too.

Sound therapy works.

From 'sonar' ultrasound to identify structures in the heart, fetus, kidney, and abdomen, the use of sound is commonplace. In the Operating Room we have ultrasonic 'harmonic' scalpels that provide hemostasis and cutting during surgery. We also have ESWL, extra corporeal shock wave lithotripsy to shatter kidney stones and urethral stones. Then there's always a it of ' music therapy' on the radio for the healers, too. Some of my patients ask to listen to their own music during surgery, or hypnosis tapes. I let them until they are asleep, but to protect the ears I take it off until they wake up.

Here is a link to state of the art sound therapy. My friend and colleague Marie Mbouni is leading the way in anesthesia with her knowledge of this healing art. She led me to this expert article:

Now it is time to prepare for a little aloha sound therapy of my own: luau tonight!


Reiki Doc