Sunday, June 2, 2013

The Buddha At The Buddha Shack

I am in Puna District, not far from Pahoa in the Hilo side of Big Island. I am at the home of friends. Behind their home, up a small winding path, is The Buddha Shack.

The husband built it of his own design. It is very much like this structure on the right in the foreground. There is a roof to keep out rain, there are bamboo rails where the red bell bar is in this photo, and a bamboo floor. Bamboo roller shades screen out the wind and act as walls. There is a beautiful three stair step in wood, and as my friend and I did yoga, I marveled at the simple beauty of our sandals on the step. It is very small, about the size of this Tibetan Bell Buddha shack above. It barely fits two mats.

The floor has a mat on it, and we put our yoga mats on top. We did a DVD for the solar plexus and the goddess. It took an hour. And then we chanted. I will give you the name of the series later--it is Kundalini and a husband/wife team make it. The husband is Devi I think.. Ana Brett and Ravi Singh--says my friend. (she has eighteen on rotation--all yoga workouts--my friend LOL)

As we did yoga, I would 'connect' with various energies and delight in it all. It rained. Almost at the end, while we were doing meditation aloud together, I realized that the gorgeous plants that surrounded the Buddha Shack were listening to us. I recalled that the Kahuna Paulau L'au said it is important to talk to the plants. They enjoy it and we help them--said the 85 year old lady who lived in the valley where Kamehameha grew up until recently locating to Hilo side--as she SANG to her Taro plants in the movie on the plane!

Ah...I was 'listening to the forest' and the 'forest was listening to our chant'. I realized the plants near the Buddha Shack were healthier than the others elsewhere in the yard. They live on one acre, and it is lush, tropical, and green...

When we chanted om prom preem proum sa shania namaha together, after a beautiful yoga workout, I experienced the quiet of mind that is found when I chant--and then I can listen to the Divine, who talks to me.

In this joy, you can imagine my surprise when I saw The Buddha!

He is my Karuna Reiki guide, and is familiar to me. He is very kind, and once gave to me the gift of a Blue Lotus. (This was the inspiration for the Blue Lotus post, not the rest. I did not mention the Buddha's gift to me at the time, because it was between us, you understand?)

I asked him, 'Do you love me?'
He said, 'I love everyone. Of course I love you and everyone the same.'

But I pressed him further. 'But between me and you, do you love ME? Love is REAL. I love you...'

And he didn't understand.

I pushed more, as I am a 'noodge', someone who pushes someone out of their comfort zone for their own good, 'What is the use of being Enlightened if it is not shared? All of us down here, 'connect' and share 'of ourselves' with each other. That is what makes Life so very Beautiful down here...'

He did not wish to be worshipped.

I said, 'I do not wish to worship you. The Buddha they make out of you in Eastern Religion is not really you. I don't like that Buddha at all!'

He drew quiet.

Around this time, my friend and I sent Reiki. She sent it to her healing oils. I did too, but I split the flow. I also sent some to my family and friends. It struck me to send some healing to the Buddha as well!

I beamed love at him, unconditional Goddess Energy, and felt good to let the energy flow. I said, 'This is what I am talking about. We share this with each other, all of us, here on earth. It is Love. It is Light. It is Peace. All we wish is for you to share a little about what makes you YOU and who you ARE.'

I startled him.  He understood! His energy at once grew soft and bright. He was smiling! With a sly look, he winked and said he would come back with a surprise for me. Tomorrow.

We finished, my friend and me. She said the energy with me present was AMAZING and she was excited to have me share yoga and chanting with her. I confided in her what happened while I was chanting...

My friend what delighted that the Buddha Shack had a visit from Buddha himself!

I smiled and said, 'It's officially the Buddha Shack now.' : )))


Reiki Doc