Saturday, June 22, 2013

'Not Quite Pakistan' and The New Color

The shower vortex brought in the color blue aquamarine 'Ray' like this candy heart. The healing today in the O.R. brought in the lavender color of Light.

I you are really logical you might as well skip this articled...

I had a patient yesterday who was from a part of the world near but not quite Pakistan (privacy issues) who spoke a language that sounds a lot like 'Pesto'. I would say MORE but I am limited in what I can share about the demographics, right?

About the ENERGY I can talk. This one had good energy, but was from a suppressed portion of the population in the country they are from. 

Spirit asked me to take the opportunity to heal a timeline through this patient and the energy 'connection' to 'what has gone on' in their war-ravaged country. I also 'got' that there is an important Portal in that nation, because the illuminati would not war-ravage it if Gaia did not have something vitally important to her at that site.

As I did what Spirit asked, a beautiful Lavender color started to come forth from Source. It was both Lavender and Gold somehow at the same time! **
Then as the Ray shined upon us, little gold 'curlicues' of spinning energy started to shower down like something on the Fourth Of July. 

I sensed the presence of magical Faeries and Unicorns, and all other creatures that are coming to inhabit the etheric  realms again. I have been certified in Unicorn healing energy, and actually am honored to have been given one Unicorn Horn by the guide Unicorn himself. I held it and waved it (in Spirit, of course) over the timelines. I spoke the words I had been guided to use when I first has been given it: always look forward!

When the Healing was complete in all dimensions and all bodies and all timelines converged to one (in the hearts of those who had been affected by the warfare, including Gaia's pain She experienced too) I was gently informed that there is this new Ray I can have to help heal others.

And the Light shone forth from the palms of my hands. 

This morning I was HUNGRY and was guided to 'take one candy heart' from my altar to Erzulie in my bedroom. There four came out. The blue and purple colors match exactly to the  colors I saw in my last two Energy Works. The peach colored one is a color of Sirius. Perhaps I will encounter it today?

And what do the hearts say?

  • I <3 You
  • Angel
  • xoxo
Namaste and Aloha,

Reiki Doc

** this also is the color of one of the new chakras we are being given with Ascension. It is at the base of the head in the middle (the occipital notch) and is called the Well Of Dreams. This is where we are going to get Information From Source.

I am also starting to see these new colors on the internet: