Monday, June 17, 2013

Save A Styrofoam 'Tree'!

Tonight we went to our favorite local Japanese restaurant.

The five D is that we 'talk' with the chef--about his daughter--and the server--has a long commute and we recommend my son's favorite station We are locals and good customers there.

The other part is that I brought my own 'to go' containers from home instead of using the styrofoam that leaks and repacking it for lunches once at home. I saved a step, used glass containers with lids with no BPH (oh dear, that sounds medical--I might have the wrong letters! LOL : P  )

The tote is something that is very popular in Hawaii. It is a tote lined with foil quilt. It keeps hot things hot and cold things cold. They work great and this one cost under five dollars.

I plan to keep 'avoiding styrofoam' when dining out. I also plan to make sure others who see what I am up to know I think it is totally natural and 'normal' to 'save a styrofoam tree'.


Reiki Doc