Monday, June 17, 2013

Cleaning Negative Energy From The Kid After 'A Weekend With Dad'

I have a friend who has 'wings'. His name is Kunde-Ra and he owns a company Every week we talk. I had a 'cleaning' about a week ago, with positive effect that I can still 'feel' every day: an implant was taken out from between my right kidney and adrenal, which had a tap root like a dandelion weed that reached all the way in to my right ovary.

Implants according to my training with Margaret ( are non-physical, non-energy-entity 'programs' that are inserted by archons and other negative higher technology sources to 'control and limit one's progress'.

I had already had an implant removed from that right ovary five years ago by Margaret!

Kunde-Ra didn't know. And this one was 'sneaky'. It had tried to 'hide' from those 'cleaning wings'!

When Margaret had gone to 'remove and protect against further attachments' to the aura, there was one 'loophole'--I could invite, with full knowledge or being 'tricked', another negative thing in. Such as life choices (alcohol, drugs, gambling, you get the picture--deliberately weakening the aura). Or, being 'asked' to 'accept something' from Spirit Side and saying, 'of course!' and being tricked.

This week I spoke of my son with Kunde-Ra, and how his 'sugar cravings' are starting to be a concern. I saw this clearly on vacation. His father measured a nine-pound weight gain with no height changes and brought it to my attention by text the first night our son slept at his house.

Apparently there can be 'implants' or 'negative entities' that cause cravings for sugar, says Cleaning Wings. And then by the time you get to 'metabolic syndrome' the fat has a neuroendocrine 'voice' of its own. (a licorice, St. Claire's Organics, is very helpful in quelling those cravings, by the way, he recommends)

The problem is that Kunde-Ra can only 'clean' over Skype or in person with the will of the 'patient'.

So later, I asked my kid, 'would you like to have a cleaning like I had?'. He said a blunt 'no' and looked back at his iPad.

As an empath I picked up all kinds of negative energy from him. Although he loves his father, his dad is a penny 'watcher' and according to our son, 'feeds him crap'. Full of GMO, high fructose corn syrup, conventional, etc.

I made a RAW soup for dinner, with La Brea Bakery french bread with oil and vinegar dipping so he wouldn't starve. I served water and blueberries. The child threw a fit! I said, 'this is dinner--take it or leave it. When you are hungry enough you will eat.' He protested,saying that the 'other soups I make with all the vegetables in it he likes, just not this one!'. That is because 'this one' does not have the heavy cream added to it to get him to eat all the vegetables! LOL

I made us go for a walk. He was so contrary I had to put on his socks and shoes for him. He tied them.

'Where do you want to go?' he grunted.
'How about to our favorite rock?' I said, knowing it is not far, right down the hill, and a happy place.

While we were on the rock, I got an idea! What if I use MY energy extensions out my back to tidy-up HIS energy?' 

I extended the energy fields. I moved them through his energy. I used my 'sight' and 'feelings in the energy' to 'sense' what healing was going on. I said NOTHING. I walked slowly as he talked and I responded appropriately. Back and forth, slowly. I caught some 'dust balls' and then I SAW IT! A blob inside the right flank. I pumped the energy higher, and it burst like a huge boil. That is exactly what happened during MY 'cleaning'--I saw it and felt it.  I wrapped my energy around him and let the field transmute whatever it was.

And you know what?

He started talking.

About how his dad and papa 'sat on their butt and didn't let him be with them on Father's Day' and 'expected him to clean with the women' after the BBQ! He had wanted to 'bond' with the men! How his father yelled at him and got angry and upset when he couldn't hold back the one hundred ten pound Boxer 'Tyson' that wanted to run and let go of the leash. How he was confused and upset his father pointed out after cleaning all the poop from both dogs in the yard, that he had 'missed a piece' and had already closed the poop bag and was afraid the poop inside would get on him as he re-opened it to get that 'last piece' picked up and in too.

His energy returned to baseline, his usual cheery and reasonable self.

Many mothers have to do some kind of 'grounding and transmuting' after the weekend away from the home. I used to just sit and hold him, or ask directly when 'something was amiss' and 'he wasn't talking'. Usually I go by the expressions on their faces when they say goodbye to see if 'something's up'.

I did it.

I used a new kind of healing on my son.

I wonder if I can send Reiki out those 'extensions on my back'?

(((( <3 ))))

Aloha and Mahalo,


Reiki Doc