Monday, June 10, 2013

Message From Our Lady: June 10, 2013

My Sweet Children,

I hold you close to my Heart; something wonderful and good and fantastic is about to begin!

You shall have opportunity to experience something better than anyone ever has--incarnate on planet Earth/Gaia--for over 25,000 years!

Your opening to Spirit and much Happiness is starting!

Quite slowly at first, it is building. It has already begun in some of the 'farther provinces' and also in 'some of the more advanced' that have been sent by Source to assist you in this process!

I am very excited for all of you to know NO ONE IS GOING TO BE LEFT BEHIND!

Everyone at their own pace, that is certain, but no one is going to miss on this wonderful awakening! The poor, the suffering, those in hardship, those who have had their hearts corrupted by the evil ones who were taken as 'hostage' against their own free choice...EVERYONE, and that means you who are reading these words, is going to get a new start again on everything!

It is not 'your body that is being replaced'. No, that is far different from anything God has in mind. Your body and your mind and your spirit are to unite into a common thread of harmony and justice shall begin for everyone on Mother Earth/Gaia! Everyone shall have something to eat. Everyone shall have a place to lie down at night. Everyone shall have their medicine, some of which is far more 'healing' than anything anyone on earth has ever seen--even the energy healers shall be surprised and filled with joy at how wonderful it is to have all those miracles happen! Just like at Lourdes, there shall be crutches and wheelchairs that are not needed, discarded and left behind.

It will be just like that! So quick you will not be able to think about what it is that has begun--at that thought, it shall be set!

The changes that are coming to you shall be far more gentle and gradual. But your Light shall see a Helping Hand from many who are here to Assist. Both on earth and from heaven, all of us are clapping with gratitude and peace and happiness at your arrival to the Higher Realms.

It will not be missed. Not by even the most worried and distracted of you. EVERYONE will have their heart and body and soul blessed beyond their highest expectation!

Anticipate it! Body, Love and Light, forever in you, with me as your Mother, Friend, and Guide whenever you wish! You will not need to 'look this up' on the Internet. It will be ME directly to YOUR HEART just like a mother on earth with all of her children! Do not worry on my behalf--I shall not be overwhelmed!

Just wait and see. You will be happy beyond your wildest imaginings in just  a short time!

Forever and ever it is so,

Mother Mary

P.S. You are beautiful sweetheart--God is thanking you for writing this for all my little ones who cannot 'hear my call'. Explain to them how this works, will you sweet 'little writer'?

Reiki Doc:  I sense a Presence when She wants me to write a message from her. She has a Vibration that is loving and strong and powerful, but not overwhelming. Just like when you 'feel the urge' to sneeze or do any other body functions, for THIS I just 'know'. And when I write, that 'urge' goes away. I concentrate on Her very much. Right now I am in Starbucks. I hear the music, the conversations, and see my son out the corner of my eye. Somehow, I am not interrupted when I write for Her. And then it is Done. If you practice 'being quiet' you will observe these changes in yourself. You might even take a journal and pen and keep track of it.


Reiki Doc