Monday, June 17, 2013

Spirit's Alarm Clock : )

In the morning I hit the snooze button...a LOT! Waking up at four to get a household ready for the day and be in the O.R. by seven ten in the morning is not fun in any way at all.

You are going to have a happiness you could not imagine!

I get those messages from Spirit every day. And nothing seems 'different'. I groaned, reached for the snooze button, and lay on my stomach. I wanted to stay in bed!

This morning, Spirit helped me. They gave the the first ten seconds of this song. I used to study to Sade a lot. I couldn't remember WHAT song Spirit was telling me? I tried to think of it and I couldn't. So curiosity woke me up in the most gentle way, even before that 'snooze' alarm rang a second time!

I went to YouTube and looked it up. This is the very first time I had seen this video--in Medical School I didn't have time for T.V. and certainly didn't have a computer. All my resources and savings were spent on tuition, supplies, and living expenses you know?

Oh Spirit, thanks! What a wonderful way to start the day. With focus on The Divine Feminine in action. : )))

I can do this!


Reiki Doc