Saturday, June 8, 2013

My Heart Is Free!

It is like a beautiful flower I saw floating in the koi pond as we fed the fish. There is all this energy of fish splashing and rushing to get food. Open! Gulp! Fish are adorable when they come to eat! But it was the flower, the simple. Plain white bloom of jasmine, that moved with the water right at the surface, that caught my eye, and also caught my 'spiritual attention' or consciousness.

About six months ago, Spirit had me change my picture on my phone to one giant wave.

The day before I met 'someone', I wrote about ' Double Kokopelies'.

The  morning I met 'someone', Spirit guided me to my box of fragrance I keep hidden Ina pink zipper case high up I my closet. (I can't keep all of mine out). It was called something in French, with the word Merveilleux in it. Miracle! I asked 'how come you want me to wear this?'

They wouldn't say. It was a surprise.

The day we met, I was either post-call from the hospital or helping mom at hers, during her bladder cancer surgery. I was at my lowest. I almost didn't go for soup.

How can you afford NOT to go? Spirit replied.

I went.

I felt my energy go up.

I bought Peace and got Aphrodite and Pheromone for free. How did he know my 'owie'?

I wrote about it in Budda's Tears.

Some time after, in dream time, I was asked 'Do you accept him?'. I said of course! Something u usual was happening at that time that never happened: there was a circle of people in Spirit watching, and I had to say I accept. Once I did everyone was jumping up and down. My heart came out of my chest and somehow combined with his. It looked like a flange with two pipes in it connected.

I did not understand what that meant.

Archons HATE the union of Twin Souls. They are highly allergic to this energy.

I had Queen Elizabeth in my dream once around then (I blogged it) and once the night before last. I didn't like her. Her energy felt like that group I the circle.

Now that I am cleared by Cleaning Sings' Kunda-Ra, I believe my implant, a Spiritual Control Device that is more like a computer program than a true parasite of energy, was the cause of all the distress over my Twin Soul.

I wouldn't be surprised if all the 'misperception' technology they have was directed between us, too!

So here is what I know:

  • He probably is my Twin, because of the archonic attack strategy between us. I felt pain, and I don't think that kind of Spiritual Suffering is Love Energy in any way, shape, or form.
  • God is SMART. I trust in Him.
  • When it is time, it is time. What more can you do?
  • I am one hundred percent in the Now moment.
  • I have broken ALL vows and agreements and therefore Spiritually Free.
  • That 'push' of connection to his heart is like, 'whatever', floating gracefully on the surface of the water and smelling good.
  • The hearts were disconnected by Blessed Mother about two weeks ago with no explanation.
  • I trust in Her one hundred percent and know this is for the Highest Good.
  • All the Promises I made to honor his heart, no matter what the Connection still hold, for I honor the heart of EVERYONE , even the heart of you, in this manner.
  • All this wonderful Goddess Energy in my heart, I will send to His Guardian Angel, instead, who will know what to do with it. It is my hope we kill more than a few Archons in the process.
  • My heart feels GOOD and not weighed down. My energy is the best it has been in a long time.
You will get a healing you never expected said Spirit when I just woke up now.

You will get a Special Healing Tomorrow Night, they said while I was with Kunde-Ra.

Tonight is the Luau.

Today is the Kamehameha Day Flower Parade. I always wanted to see it. Now I am Reiki Master and awake, I want to see it more.

Good things are planned for today. Kind of like vacation! Lightworkers every once in a while need a day like this too.

Thank you Kinde-Ra for all of this. 

Aloha and Mahalo,

Reiki Doc