Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Trusting Intuition And Divine Guidance

Intuition is very much like this light in the darkness of unknowning

My COBRA was running out. You know, the extended benefits from work? I had to act fast. There was no way to 'comparison shop'. As I did I was accepted into two plans at the same time. Being a single mother, who had just turned into an independent contractor I was horrified at the prospect of being uninsured.

I had trouble deciding with policy to select. One, Aetna, had to have an extra coverage for the deductible which was very high. I paid about five hundred a month for coverage, plus an extra two hundred for the deductible/disability/extra policy, plus forty a month for the membership for that extra policy. This has since gone up to a total of one thousand dollars a month.

I kept asking Spirit which one to drop?

The answer was NO.

So no matter how much I asked, the answer was always, NO. I felt it in my 'resonate', in my 'gut', and also with my 'intuitive sense'. 

I carried both policies for three years,  Blue Cross and the Aetna, never using the Aetna once but always wondering why I was carrying both.

Yesterday I  got a letter from Aetna explaining they are pulling out of my 'market' and I have to find other coverage by December.

The wisdom of Spirit's guidance resonated with me very much. The one I had wanted to cancel, Blue Cross, is the one that is going to keep me going from now on. And I am free to cancel the Aetna now, and save a lot of money.

I also was asked by my group to form a corporation. I was not sure, but Spirit said, 'do it'. I did. Guess what? My corporation will allow me to purchase insurance for cheaper rates! Instead of an individual policy.

I have options!

Work On Your Birthday

That's right. I am scheduled to work. I had made a promise to myself and to my boy to never work on my birthday because it sucks big time! Last year we spent the night at a Disney hotel, and got early entrance to the parks. It was so happy a time for us!

But no matter how much I try to 'get out of it', Spirit keeps saying, Work. You Need To Be There.

I 'pick up' that it is for the Highest Good. Great. Backup call the day before and First call the day of,with no guarantee for a day off after. Big sigh...

I guess I will have to celebrate another time? Spirit isn't telling me anything about that...


The miracle of the socks

I am on my feet all day. I found in training that Jobst makes a nice knee high that is cotton and helps a lot to prevent the swollen feet at the end of the day.

They stopped making them.

The only ones they have are icky nylon that will tear holes and make my feet hot.

I stressed over it. I sewed holes in the old socks. I went to the medical supply store and had them contact the company. NO MORE cotton compression knee high socks.

So I accepted it. Over a year went by with those same old socks I have, about five pair, one for each day.

Then when I went on Amazon to buy myself a Solstice gift, a new pair of Dansko's with little stars all over them (as in the night sky stars), guess what? people who bought those shoes also bought these socks! Compression Socks that were CUTE with little blue and green polka dots on a navy background! Socks made with bamboo fiber to wick away moisture, too. I bought three pair!

They arrived yesterday. I felt so loved and nurtured. You see, my clogs wear out at the heel, and wobble as I walk on them. They also stretch out--I wear patent leather. It has been over a year since my last pair. My legs and hips had been hurting. So with new shoes and socks, I have an extra bounce in my step! And the pain is gone away. : )))


The moral of the story is, when you get a strong feeling of intuition, stick to it, no matter how long it takes. You might not see the results from it right away, but Spirit is protecting YOU for the Highest Good.


Reiki Doc