Monday, June 3, 2013

Declaration Of Independence: Healing the Sushumna

Sushumna is the Divine Child of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine Energies

In Yoga, there are three main 'nadis' or pathways for Consciousness/Life-Force Energies to flow. On the left, is 'Ida', the feminine energies of nurturing, healing, and intuition. (it actually starts in the right brain and crosses over). On the opposite side, runs the 'Pingala', or Masculine Consciousness/Life-Force Energies of clarity, thought, and action.

In the middle is their 'child' the Sushumna. When the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine Combine, the Sushumna is created. It is the Sushumna that goes up the spinal column up and into the brain.

This is another lesson of Lady Isis.

Here is an example of applying this lesson today to my own life:

This morning there was an incredible 'rebalancing' of my own nadi's. Right now, there is a lot 'coming to the surface' and 'being released' in Lightworkers and awakening Ones across the globe. Although I had multiple layers of healing on this issue in the past, this is the one, guided by the Buddha, that helped me to understand who I am at my deepest, darkest 'scar'.

If you wish to read more, look to the right hand column and click on 'Healing Is Not Pretty'.

If you wish to read more about the nadis, click here:
It has nice pictures if you are interested.

Today, I have been extra kind and gentle to myself.  One of the things you might not know about me, is that although I am good with directions, I tend to get lost. If the horizon is visible, if there are landmarks I do okay. But in wooded areas like Puna, I get turned around--a lot! 

It took forever for me to find the home of another friend to bring the papayas for Cobra, Isis, and the rest of the conference. (My friends have so many growing they can't keep up with them fast enough, so I offered and they accepted.) When I arrived, there was only one person there. It was the woman who had seen me in the ladies room at Maku'u market. She had a cold and was resting while the group had left to see the sights.

I offered her Reiki. An incredible healing took place. It was complete with Pukuhu (the elders) and ancestors with a timeline being 'healed'.  We both realized once again, we were in the right place, at the right time, for the right purpose.

Later I went to the store. This is not like home where there are many stores right around the corner. The kids wanted Burger King! I stopped at Island Naturals to pick up a few things for dinner.

While I was there, I saw the flowers by the lettuce and the kale. In a tiny plastic cup were the most beautiful flowers. They are edible. There is nothing I love more than flowers in my food. It makes me feel so 'connected' to everything I love--nature, fairies, devas, sprites, mermaids, unicorns, and the Goddess energy.

I almost didn't buy it because usually they are too expensive. 

Then I remembered the healing that I had done earlier in the Buddha Shack.

I honored my Sushumna, and my past; I put it in the cart. It will go with my kale and golden beets and hemp seed salad tonight. I bless myself with acts of lovingkindness; this type of self-love is how we are going to raise the Consciousness of all who live on Gaia. It is important to emphasize the ability to show lovingkindness to yourself. It is when your 'cup' is filled, and you are skilled at 'filling it', then you embody Peace and Light and Hope for others around you.

I made it to Burger King, but on the way home I got majorly lost. I got lost twice! I went past Maku'u market before I turned around. Then on the way back I missed a turn, and also went on the wrong road. Fortunately, I am learning the area. Where I got lost this morning helped me find my way back home again, in fact!

Trust yourself, and allow the lovingkindness to learn. This involves making 'mistakes' in the process. There is nothing wrong in making mistakes, even if you keep repeating them from time to time. You are Conscious--you WILL learn. And when you do, be sure to celebrate the victories along the way, just like I did with the edible flowers for my salad tonight.

Kisses and soft hugs to reassure you as you 'wake up' in Consciousness. Healing is not always comfortable, but in the end, it is definitely worth everything.

Your tears have not been wasted; Your heart is liquid sunshine with a rainbow after the rain.


Reiki Doc