Sunday, June 30, 2013

Usui Sensei's Little Joke : )

Reiki was discovered here, at the base of a waterfall upstream

Our leader, Mikao Usui Sensei, discovered Reiki at the end of a long search for solution to his life's problems. 

Along with enlightenment, and the solutions he had been seeking, healing was an 'extra gift' that was given to him.

As he raced down the mountain to share his good news, he stubbed his toe. You can imagine his surprise when it healed instantly in his hands as he inspected it up on the hill!

Here is Kurama Temple in Kyoto:

I think this was where Usui Sensei went on pilgrimage

To be sure, there is an entire book on the subject of 'The Birth Of Reiki':

All I have to share with you, is the English translation for Kurama yama mountain. It means 'horse saddle'.

Look at what I see from my sliding glass door as I write this to you now:

Saddleback Mountain, California (in the distance)

Everyone who lives in the entire Southern County Metropolitan region can see this landmark!

Domo arigato Usui Sensei, for this coincidence you provided as a little joke at my seriousness over all things Reiki. I have been smiling over this the past week. It is my hope that others will be join us on this  little joke.


Reiki Doc