Sunday, June 30, 2013


California Screamin' is the roller coaster on the left

It's all about the energy.

How I view my world is always based on the energy that results from making my choices.

Remember the quote, 'they won't remember what you say or do but they will always remember the way they made you feel?'

It's kind of like that.

When you are like me, and I know one other healer who is from Sirius, you like the energy 'UP'. The faster the vibration, the higher the energy, the better you feel.

I eat Raw Vegan food to increase the energy. I exercise to increase the energy. I sit in the sunshine to feel the energy of the sun in my Light Body. I am kind to others because it raises the mutual energy that is between us (this is not people pleasing--it is 'right action'). I help others in my life's work because it is my calling. Whenever we are on our Life Path, and doing our Purpose, the energy is the highest of all, and the Universe supports us.

Well, I used to enjoy working in the heart room because the energy was the highest I could find.

Until I discovered Labor and Delivery! The JOY there is incredible!!!

I enjoy riding horses and jumping because of the energy.

I enjoy dancing ballet because of the energy.

The ocean, and body boarding, offers amazing energy and aura clearing at the same time!

And I love riding roller coasters because of the energy. It clears the 'fog' and helps me get in touch with my Higher Self. 

Lately 3D has me feeling like I just can't take the dense energies any more.

It is so confining and restrictive! Once you get a taste of the Higher Dimensions, chances are you are going to begin to feel like that too.

If you are sick and tired of the lousy, filthy, Cabal-controlled lower dimensions, here's what you can do to change it. It will speed up the process of 'setting the stage' for the planetary changes that are to happen. By doing this meditation you are giving notice to the Universe to 'Please Bring It On!'

Meditate with our group at noon  PDT for about ten minutes with the Cobra Meditation. We are going to start doing this together on conference call. Stay posted for more details once this gets set up. Again, we are the Planetary Healer's Network.  Here is the link to the Cobra meditation that we follow:

Love and Light Forever,


Reiki Doc