Friday, June 14, 2013

Hawaii You Know Not Very Much About: Tourist Advice 2013

I recently returned from a fantastic two-week vacation in Hawaii. I went to Big Island, Hilo-side, and also to Oahu. Here are some first-hand travel tips for you:

  • Food is about thirty percent more expensive than on mainland. This is because of shipping to the island.
  • Your home grocery store discount card might apply--my Vons card worked just fine at Safeway
  • Gasoline is very pricey too. The 'buy a tank' option was less per gallon, and one tank lasted me all week.
Here is your Iz break:

It is live on KAPA radio right now <3

  • Drunk Driving is NOT TOLERATED! One violation and license is taken away for months! And huge fine. Second violation is years away, and third violation, you no longer DRIVE!
  • Get a designated driver for sure, even if you are in rental car!
  • Electronic Device use while driving in car is a huge ticket too.
when you see a kitty you might think of this

Really they might be Feral Cats--so approach with caution, ya?

  • Many beaches do not have lifeguard. If you did not grow up on Island, you do not 'know how to read the ocean'. Some beaches look okay but are not safe. Instead of 'guide book', go to where lifeguard is there, and ASK if it is safe to swim. Be smart while on vacation!
  • Remember that the channels between the island are treacherous. The ferry boat drivers plan according to the ocean weather and time of tides, and they do this for a living. Paddle boarding between the islands is not a good idea. High surf advisory and small craft advisory are words that mean, 'watch out water is not safe' too. 
  • Put on sunscreen twenty minutes before exposure between ten and three, and reapply every two hours. Use 35 SPF to 50 SPF, even if you want to tan. (Higher than 50 SPF not shown to be 'more effective')
this is Hawaiian Goose, the 'Nene'--it is protected

this is 'Moa', wild rooster. If you have to chase bird, why not him instead?

  • Moa are not the only things 'wild' on Islands! They have BUGS! watch for Fire Ant, Cockroach that FLIES, centipede (moves fast and is big, can bite a chunk out of your flesh), and brown recluse spider. Gecko is your BEST FRIEND--let them EAT : D
  • There are NO SNAKES on island, isn't that good?
  • Mosquitoes are everywhere--kind of invisible too. Always wear bug repellent.
  • When swimming in ocean, watch for Portuguese Man Of War, a kind of jellyfish. If you get stung, have someone pee on it. It makes it better. Seriously!

  • The people are VERY polite. Do your best to think of the GROUP first, no matter how hungry, cranky, or exhausted you are.
  • Cost of living is VERY HIGH for Islanders. Many work two or three jobs just to make ends meet. Support the local economy, and don't forget to show your gratitude with TIPS.
  • When you are on the Islands, be on your best like you are at someone's Home. Because you are. Pick up trash. Let people ahead in traffic.  Slow down a little, and make sure you share your appreciation for just how AWESOME Hawaii is. Remember, the people are deeply spiritual, and  children of the land. It is so much more than 'Real Estate' like back home.  Soak in that sun and Mana (life force)! It is good for you!

Reiki Doc