Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Healing The Lingering Effects Of Your Past Lives

How we die in our past lives is often such a traumatic event that the negative energy imprints from it carry over into our present incarnation.

Sylvia Browne speaks of how birthmarks often turn out to be clues as to the means of Injury and death. For example a birthmark on the leg might be from a spear, one one the chest, from an axe, knife, or gunshot wound. It is only under hypnosis that the story comes out from the soul.

Suppose a person lived in old Japan, and was sentenced to the horrible death of suppoku (stabbing your bowels in ritual suicide).  Would it not follow that in following incarnations serious bowel disease might arise? Things like ulcerative colitis and Crohn's?

Someone executed by the guillotine might have shortness or breath, or head or neck pain?

This concerned me as I woke up this morning. I asked my guides how we can heal it.

Because of free will, 'we' can't. Only you can ask for the healing, Archangel Michael says. He and Archangel Rafael are ready, willing and able to assist you in cutting the energetic cords from your pain and suffering which has been carried over from your past lives. Ask, in meditation. You don't have to 'experience' anything. Just know it will be done, right away, for the Highest Good. If you are guided to say anything, do so. But your karma will resolve and the healing through Archangel Rafael is going to begin.

Not all disease will heal if there are current ties to the present birth plan.

It can't hurt to ask, and you never know. Be sure to give yourself plenty of rest and fluids as an energy shift will take place as you are freed from the etheric ties that bind you.

Aloha and mahalo,

Reiki Doc