Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The New Lemurians At Wet and Wild Water Park

Yesterday I swam with the Spinner Dolphins off the west coast of Oahu. Today I swam at the local water park, Wet and Wild, with the people of this 'coastal habitat'.

I was delighted with what I experienced.

My son and I have had season tickets ever since he was four at Wild Rivers, in Irvine, California. This was until last summer when they tore it down to make new apartments (yawn!). We are well acquainted with the water park crowd and unwritten rules back home.

Here everybody was happy. There were no crying kids or stressed out adults. You should have seen the line at the ticket booths! It was horrendous! People were calm, polite.

You know, even though there is 'rent your own tube' not one person bought it. Instead, people shared the few ones that were there for free. At one time, at the 'Hawaii Beach' a girl about ten and I ran for the same inner tube that was 'available'.  I started laughing because both of us ran through the water pretty quick. She smiled and offered it to me, something that never in a million years would happen on the mainland. I said, 'no, you take it' and she smiled more and took it to play.

There are people of all shapes and sizes and ethnic backgrounds at this water park. It costs a fortune to get in. I saw most families sharing a large order of garlic fries for lunch instead of meals. The tourists ate the meal deals. If it wasn't for my noticing the economy of food, everyone there was equal in every way. There was no conspicuous consumption and brand status like in the OC.

The ride workers were way mellow compared to home. They were so mellow I thought they weren't paying attention to when it was safe to go. But they were, just not stressed out about it. I laughed because they blew whistles when we did something wrong. With the whales at Sea World, the marine mammals get the same whistle as a bridge to reinforcement for desired behaviors. But for us? Tweeeeet!

The line for the food area was the worst I have ever seen, even worse than Disney. We waited in line to order and pay, then in line to get the food. We ordered a whole cheese pizza because it was the only vegetarian choice that was made 'fresh' and not under the heat lamps. It took forever. But everyone in line was calm, polite, and having a good time. We spent about one hour out of five hours at the park in that line! So did everyone else ( they don't allow outside food). But I saw the worker with the same pair of dirty gloves take French fries off the counter and throw them back into the bin to be served...very unappetizing! LOL--I freaked him out when I asked for the jalapeƱo slices from the nachos on the side for the pizza like we do at home. 'We don't serve those with our nachos!' he said, astonished at my request. LOL.

All I remember is the peaceful way everyone enjoyed the Hawaii Beach wave pool together. All the smiles and having fun. There was a baby boy about fifteen months, Japanese, who experienced the water for the first time, grinning from ear to ear. His father held him, and even though the water splashed his face the child would come up laughing from under the water! I admired him and told the mother how beautiful and happy her boy is, clearly loving the water. She was happy too.

I saw a lot of fathers involved with their children today, more with the little ones than back home. Very good dads, holding the sleeping ones, feeding them bottles, and just being there. Dads back home seem to get more out of the 'action' parenting than 'nurturing' role and today I was pleasantly surprised at what I saw.

Even the parking lot after the place closed was orderly and not one horn honked or bird was flipped! To me this was incomprehensible!

As far as I am concerned, today was one-hundred percent 4D and higher.

These are the new Lemurians. Welcome back! It has been sooooo long. I can't wait for everyone else to pick up the pace like these delightful people!


Reiki Doc

P.S. what 'work' did I do? I sent Reiki, Karuna Reiki and Divine Peace Healing to each of you from Hawaii Beach. I also opened a double vortex with a little help from Kamehameha...blue from Gaia and Gold from the sky. You know most large structures are built on ley lines and key energy points on Gaia. Be sure to bless them and open them when you are there like I do. Airports, shopping centers, stadiums , water and amusement parks are not 'where they are' by accident. Help free Gaia's energy back to her normal health if you can. Ask your guides for help--I do what they say and it works! That's how I learned. Aloha and mahalo nui loa... Xoxoxox