Friday, May 31, 2013

Angel Devil

I saw a sticker on the back window of a pickup before me that looked like this on before I got to work. The devil was on the left, and both looked hotter than even this image.

I never understood the appeal of having horns and  a tail...


My friend Lola, who ran the willed body donation and also participated in a group to help others cross to the Light (souls 'stuck'), confided to me when I was a med student: she had never been faithful to any man her whole life.  Furthermore, her father had been a cheater, and she thought she must have inherited the 'cheating gene' from him...


Dr. Jetson was the 'cute ski instructor and chef' a friend in high school met on a ski lift. I was surprised at the suddenness of it all, but she was happy. Ten years later I was surprised to learn I was Dr. Jetson's attending. He was the father of three kids! He had done something outrageous to get into the program--he cut a deal as a medical student to go outside the match. After pulling off THAT, he 'changed his mind' after the match and did a year on obstetrics, with the plan to become an OB-GYN. After internship, he changed his mind AGAIN, and went BACK into the anesthesia program.

After graduating as Chief Resident and starting work in the community, it turned out he had helped himself to the anesthesia narcotics the whole residency and had a serious problem. He was sent to rehab by his new anesthesia group.

His wife stood by him. Only to have him leave her for an x-ray tech at the new hospital he worked at after he graduated from the rehabilitation program.


Dr. Fang was also a student of mine. However, he switched from anesthesia to general surgery. He liked livers, and was very involved in the liver transplant program.

We ended up at the same hospital after I left academics. He was devastated. His wife (a mutual friend and doc) was coming home late. She was cheating. With a real estate agent.

It was hard for me to hear. He used to work all hours, and she used to complain when I was with her that she was lonely and the kids needed a father. 'Why be married when I am like I am single?' she would ask.  Her parents lived with her, and that is how she was able to find someone else.

I didn't like it, how she hurt him, but I understood enough about the situation to remain friendly with both.

It wasn't until three years later, I learned the truth: he had been involved with the liver transplant coordinator while they were in residency (they had married in medical school). 

She kept confronting him. He kept denying it. She got anonymous letters and emails about his cheating--OFTEN--and finally she confronted him with 'there people don't care and feel the need to say something--is this cheating TRUE?'.  It was, and he swore to change, but he never did, so she left.


Is doctor Fang a devil? I thought he was an angel when 'he was wronged'?

Guess what he shared today in the O.R.?

The Best Answer to the question Does Vegan Diet Heal Cirrhosis and Hepatitis C?

  • The liver makes albumin, a protein, which helps with fluid balance
  • If not enough albumin, then fluid collects in the gut, which is called 'ascites' (ass-sigh-tees)
  • Liver makes antibodies and immune proteins
  • Liver makes clotting factors
  • Liver makes glycogen, a sugar storehouse of energy that lasts twenty-four hours
  • Liver metabolizes drugs and proteins.
  • When liver is cirrhotic, it can't process amino acids with a benzene ring structure--these are false neurotransmitters. They build up, and cause hepatic encephalopathy (mental deterioration). In vegetarians there are none of these proteins that are found in meat, and the encephalopathy does not occur.
  • Without meat, the diseased liver does not make albumin. The patient is malnourished, and develops ascites. Therefore vegan and vegetarian diet makes poor health with respect to albumin and immunoglobulins and clotting factors and drug metabolism.
  • The liver needs to eat. The digested nutrients that are absorbed in the gut go through the portal vein straight into the liver. Patients who are on long-term TPN (i.v. or 'parenteral' nutrition) have the liver eventually 'go bad' on them.
Is doctor Fang an angel now for answering the question?

How about this: the patient is an HMO. He gets paid for every six months the patient sees him, whether it is for an office visit, a hospital stay, or more. The surgery that he did when he was with me recently, a risky one on a cirrhotic, was FREE.

He took on all that risk because 'he never bases his clinical decisions on the patient insurance'.

It was elective surgery.

I wonder if I got compensated for my work too?

There are no cheaters in Heaven. There are no cheaters in Heaven-On-Earth, which is about to happen after the Event.


Because our auras interact. We pick up a 'vibe' of someone's 'intent'. Cheaters are so 'stinky' in their cheatin' hearts that everyone can 'smell a rat' from a long ways off.

No one will get hurt by cheaters.

And everyone will be angels. Whether they like it or not! LOL

Angel romantic adventure is incredible!  The energy is amazing and totally new. 

Or so I hear ; ) 

(coughs to change the subject--AWKWARD!)

How about a little Sublime? I grew up in the LBC. This video is the story of my neighborhood...I did all of that and more...LOL ; )


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