Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The Myth of 'The Pursuit of Happiness'

The 'Pursuit of Happiness' is a lie.

It is a very effective manipulation by those that want to keep us suppressed.


Because it externalizes our 'locus' of pleasure.

We are 'entitled' to the 'Pursuit of Happiness' because in describing in this manner we 'forget' to look within, to look deep inside ourselves where our 'Happy-ness' resides.

Happiness an 'inside job'.

We are Powerful Creator Gods. Our thoughts have the ability to Manifest. The energy patterns surrounding Gaia at this time lead to almost instant Manifestation. That is why many alternative news sources remind us to 'be careful what we think' at this time.

Guess what feeds on the energy of frustration and disappointment? The non-physical Archons and their control system.

Starve them!

Think Happy Thoughts.

When not-too-Happy thoughts enter your Consciousness, acknowledge them, and brush them away. This kind of 'editing' of Self-Thoughts makes it possible to remove the energy supply that is keeping the Archons and Cabal in power. This is how the news media--both print and televised--harness the Creative Ability of the masses with Doom and Gloom, causing them to reflect on 'how awful', to manifest this further, and seek external 'control' to 'make things right'. The 'leaders' then do what they like as the people have simply handed their 'power' over to 'the powers-that-be'.

Edit your thoughts. Every single day. Every single moment. It will become easy with practice.

And when we all do this, together, guess what?

The Powers-That-Be shall become the Powers-That-Were. Just like that. And a new, Fair way to lead the people (Lower taxes, less Debt, transparent process of government) will arise.

Why? Because we tap into our Natural Happy-ness, our individual 'spark' of the Divine, and feel deep and lasting joy. We expect a wonderful life, and just like a football game where an entire stadium wants their team to win--the crowd has some 'say' in the outcome! We can demand it. Every single stadium on the planet, filled with Happy-hearts, overflowing to the general population!

Take care, and have a Blessed and Happy Beltaine,

Blessed Be, Aloha, and Mahalos for being wonderful, delightful, and awesome!


Reiki Doc