Friday, May 3, 2013

La T Da

This license plate was ahead of me while I was reflecting on Divine Knowledge on theway to work.

Spirit sent a download in a split second right then. Want to know what it is about? It's short.

  1. There is One Universal Truth.
  2. Believing in it is Optional.
  3. Your Perception, whatever it may be, has no influence on What is Truth.
  4. Everyone else has their Own Perception of Truth. This is based on a soul level of Development. That is acceptable,to 'see' only part of theTruth.
  5. When you go to Lectures by Experts,the workflow of Divine Knowledge is like this: Source-->  Individual--> Filters Knowledge Based on ratio of Mind to Heart (lower is more accurate) --> You (with Your Filters).  
Why not bypass all of these filters and let your Heart connect directly to Source? What 'Resonates' with your Heart Center is What is Truth.


Reiki Doc