Wednesday, May 8, 2013

In Context: Handle With Care

You can stop this any time you feel uncomfortable.

My journey began in 1998. I had just started my anesthesia residency. I learned, through confidence gained and trust, that two people I work with, one a nurse, one an administrative assistant, were survivors of satanic intergenerational abuse. Both were 'multiples' who had 'assimilated'. The first one went on to get a degree in divinity so she could help others who were in this plight.

Back then, the horror was not to be discussed. It was so bizarre I almost wanted not to believe it. But my heart saw what was in their eyes, the confusion, the pain, and as a survivor of a severe attack on me when I was four, I knew from my own experience that what they were saying was true. I tried my best to be supportive, but not carry too much of their trauma as an empath because I was very busy trying to heal my own. I had 'remembered' a buried memory only six years earlier, and although I functioned, the wound was still actively healing.

I had thought these interactions were only for my benefit; that I am not alone, etc. And for my inspiration.

Little did I know they would be an anchor point when I read this:

This is the link, combined with all of the embedded links, that opened my eyes to the ten percent, and how they achieve power through ritual sexual abuse and murder and mind control. In this you will read the testimony of a survivor. And you will also see the Jesuit survivor's eyewitness testimony about the Holocaust at the very very end. It takes hours of reading.

I spent some time blogging about this, and about my 'clearing work':

There are even some ley lines all screwed up in Hawaii, due to Illuminati influence on Kamehameha:

And how they coldly murdered King David and imprisoned Queen Liliuokalani under house arrest:

I was also in a past life a Monarch Mind Controlled Slave. I was a 'kitten'. I have full recall of this life, and dying around puberty at the hands of a 'client':

This was the immediate past life right before mine. Apparently where I was born in this life is a big Satanic Center. I discovered this in the following interview:

I was like him in the immediate past life as a kitten.  Only through Emotional Freedom Techniques, or EFT or 'Tapping' he was de-programmed and is now able to speak. It is an excellent interview. The only reason I share my own work is to give credibility to him in your eyes. Much as you would like to think it, he is not joking.

Here is the thanks I have gotten. For everything. It means as lot. It is vague, and only between us, Walt and me, but it says it all, right at the end:

I have chosen to do more work on my blog and also on my pages as 'Light' because after a while of the 'wake up! look at this! wake up! can't you see it???' work, David Wilcox said, in a general post to everybody, 'This is not helping the energy, this is not helping the Light, just KEEP YOUR VIBRATION UP!'

That being said, ALL of the underground facilities have been cleared. The abuse is no more, it is on 'the way out', and all of this information is to prepare you for the true history of Gaia. Know it, raise your vibration, and help with the Victory for the Light.

Note carefully the time frames mentioned by Jay, and about the slaughter of the peaceful, Gaia people. Note the disappearance of the 'Mystery Schools' from the face of the earth. If you want further proof of that, go into the Search Box and look up anything 'Yoda', which is my code name for 'Cobra', and anything 'Cobra' too.  The "Yoda' Series is the release of information that was shared, with full permission from Cobra, at the November Cobra Conference which I attended.

And if you don't look now, there are going to be a lot of people who are going to find this out when 'everybody else' does. They are going to look for somebody to let them know 'this is real' and 'everything is going to be okay'. If you choose to look at the links, educate yourself, and do the work, it is going to be of assistance to those who are 'asleep' when they 'wake up'.

Then again, you can go back to your Friday nite 'partying partying, partying partying' and drinking fluoridated water, and eating conventional food, and generally being asleep. Just know you had the chance to awaken, and it was not the time for it just yet. That is OKAY. There is no guilt when you work with Spirit. Only 'lessons'. At least now you will know where to look when you want to know. <3 : )

Mission Complete?

Not on your life. This is only the start of a beautiful relationship--with the stars, with the planets, with the Galactic Central Sun, and with Gaia herself.


Reiki Doc