Sunday, May 19, 2013

Blood Pressure is Seventy

Chances are, if you clicked on this, you are 'medical' and you understood right away what 'Blood Pressure is Seventy' means: the patient is going to code and die.

A blood pressure of seventy is not compatible with life.

Not for very long!

Why do I bring this up?

It is an old nursing trick I learned from my ex-husband, who is an ER RN.

You see, doctors aren't always the best at paying attention. When I was complaining about this over the dinner table, Frank mentioned to me how he does it. You don't warn about what is happening. You tell the facts. You make it understandable. In a calm voice, you announce to the physician who is ignoring you blood pressure is seventy and you look them in the eye.

There is no ignoring that.

You can say it when the blood pressure is trending down rapidly, even before it hits seventy exactly, just to get an intervention to save the patient's life: a new i.v. line, a fluid bolus, putting the patient head down (steep trendelenberg position), even getting the crash cart ready.

Sometimes I have to tell them to STOP DOING WHAT THEY ARE DOING--pulling on the peritoneum, putting pressure on the eyes, retracting the liver, lifting the heart...just to give me a chance to let the patient 'catch up'.

So in your everyday life, don't argue. Don't persuade. Don't take it personal.

When the thing you are taking care of it 'fixing to die', speak up. Whatever correlates to the medical phrase 'blood pressure is seventy'.

Sometimes healing involves speaking up...having a spine...and using it!

Tell them Reiki Doc sent you.


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