Sunday, May 12, 2013


My Mother's Day gift was to go out to the Pantages Theater on Hollywood Boulevard and see the Beatles cover band show, 'Rain'. I went with a nurse friend who dyes her hair magenta, and my boy.

As we crossed the street, I saw a street person holding up a handmade sign over his head. It was cardboard. It was about Skull and Bones, who in politics was in it (many familiar names), and how his mother was in it. I looked through my purse to give him money, but the light changed. I quickly closed my purse, looked him in the eye, and said, 'God Bless You!'. I will never forget the look in his eyes back at me for the rest of my life. Justice, gratitude for having believed him, and courage to go on. Oceans of people walking by, everyone ignoring him, except me.

I knew his hell. I knew why he was a street person--chances are he was also a Monarch product, who 'rebelled' and was made to be a 'slave'. That man had more courage than most people have in ten lifetimes; to speak his truth to those who were not ready to hear it! Here is the link from wiki, if you are interested: If you would like to educate yourself further, I recommend this post:

The show started out with the Beatles as they look above, bowl haircuts and little black suits as they wore in the early sixties. The vintage footage shown on the two screens to the side added to the authenticity of the show.

The Beatles, according to Spirit, who told me this over twenty years ago, are four special souls, in music, who reunite once every eon. They come around the time when forces of change are so great that the souls who are incarnate get a 'break' and have something to enjoy. The mass hysteria that was seen is because on some level, everybody 'recognizes them' and at the soul level 'rejoices' in having the opportunity to be on Earth with them again.

Did you know Paul and John have somewhat of a spooky medical fact? Their voices blend together perfectly. When the two sing, their voices sound as one. You can see it on an oscilloscope of the voice patterns. This is very rare, and also profound.

 As the show progressed, the band changed their 'look' to something more consistent with each era. The costumes were next brown linen, then something 'Indian', then Sargent Peppers, and then the White Album.

Did you know George Harrison was treated where I went to medical school? I recall having once gone up to the bone marrow transplant floor at the very top of the building to see a patient. I forget why I was there, but I recall the man was neutropenic. I had to wear special protective clothing so as not to infect him. What was unusual was that the entire ward was empty except for him. My heart went out to him; I felt his pain and anguish. He was tall and thin, with his face and body ravaged by disease. The man had some name that was definitely not George Harrison, but his face and spirit haunted me, and I was trying to place him, as if he was someone I already knew. I spent a lot of time being careful to keep my heart open as I worked with him. He hardly spoke. I don't recall an accent. But I do recall his sorrow, and his being totally alone. His face and build were very much like him.

Since I had other work to do, I did what needed to be done for however long I took care of him. And I let it go.

Rumor has it Ravi Shankar used to go up the back stairwell to see George when he was there. I always took the stairs, too. But I wouldn't know Ravi if I met him then either.

What I do know is that shortly after George Harrison died, he came to 'visit' me. This happened many times. He looked like a cross between this:
His energy is much like this, as far as the earnestness goes, and the presence...

And this:
I asked him why he came to me, of all people? And he said that I was easy to find. He gave me personal messages. Ones of hope and encouragement. He spoke of spiritual things with me, enough that I got to 'know' him just like I do my angels and guides. I enjoyed his presence very much. It has been many years since I have had contact from him.

Today as the band played 'Here Comes The Sun', something happened.

I felt George's presence. He was THERE. I know his Vibration anywhere. Instantly I recalled all of his lessons to me: on spiritual strength, on perseverance, on how to live a good life, and what good things were ahead for me that he promised would come to Be for my life. He knew better than anyone, my heart, and we had spoken of such matters candidly, without fear or ego.

I realized that NOW was the time of which he had spoken. I was with my son. I was in a 'better place' in life. I was LOVED and had made a very good life for me. 

It came True! All of his predictions that I had only half-believed and felt would take forever, arrived!

I felt the touch of Heaven, and I started to sob in my seat. My boy became very concerned. On the one hand, I was 'connecting' with a very dear guide and friend who I have not seen in a very long time--and on the other, trying to reassure my son. I told him not to worry, these were happy tears. But still, he has seen my cry over the loss of my father, and my tears concerned him. He wiped my tears with his hands, and reached for my purse to get a napkin. As I started to wipe my own, he took the napkin from me and dried my tears...

George was Right.

I quickly 'pulled myself together' and enjoyed the next song, which was 'As My Guitar Gently Weeps':

I wondered at how I was crying and the the song was playing at the same time during the show.

The last song was Hey Jude. It was my first song I ever danced to on my first date at a Winter Formal with my first boyfriend, Tom. It was the first time I felt the 'blue energy' of the Divine Feminine in my life. I can still remember the smell of his shirt, a little of a fabric softener and a little of him, as we slow danced together.

I gave thanks to be here, on Mother's Day, with my friend and my son, listening to this song, and how after all the hard times, life was with hope again (because I have Reiki).

As the song played, I 'picked up' George again. He came in from my left, and into my consciousness. He came closer, and whispered in my ear, 'I will be right back'. I was like, 'okay' and kept dancing and giving thanks for being with my boy.

Then he came back, with somebody. George's left hand was holding someone's right hand  and both were looking at me. I know this other 'entity' very well, and was surprised to see him with George Harrison.

So was the entity. He was starstruck. He gestured to me like, 'can you believe this? this is cool!' and he kept sneaking looks to his right at George. I was like, 'this? well, yeah, of course! this is what it's like.'

Then George leaned in and whispered into my left ear one more time. He said, 'He is a Good Man!'.

I agreed and I understood George's message. I will not explain further here, or who exactly it was who was 'brought in'.

Through the rest of the song, all four of us danced together. The two in Spirit, me in both worlds, and my boy in 3D. I was more happy than I had been in a long time.

I hope you enjoy the story. I think it is worth sharing. If you ever get a chance, do go and see Rain, the group that covers the Beatles. The musicians are very good at what they do, and some have been on tour since the 1980's. The spirit and the message of the music comes through loud and clear across time. The audience loves it. And guess what? Maybe George might come give his regards to you.

Namaste and Peace,

Reiki Doc

P.S. : Today on the way home from work I saw a van with the words Dark Horse on it. Somehow it 'caught' my attention. While I was just looking up on Wiki about George, I was surprised to learn that his company was called 'Dark Horse Records'. I had no clue. I think He was saying, 'hello'. <3 (5.13.13)