Saturday, May 18, 2013


The flower of turmeric is lovely

I saw it at Mother's Market, on display next to the garlic and ginger: organic turmeric, $11.99 a pound.

It 'talked' to me; that is, my intuition kicked in and told me to buy it. This was on Wednesday. The orange color looked funny, and I didn't want to buy it; I passed.

That night, my cold worsened and my asthma started to act up. I barely slept..

On Friday, I was talking with friends trying to seek some holistic remedies. The antibiotics I had started were not really working--I always have some available, this has been like this since medical school. Multiple, chronic infections of the sinuses.

Not one but two friends recommended Turmeric.

I went back to the store and I bought it:

It looks just like this. Thinking back, medicine, and even turmeric capsules, cost a lot more than organic fresh!

Anyhow, I put it in the blender, about two thumb sizes, with water, ice, and sweetener.  Maple doesn't quite cover up the taste, neither did honey, but just now, honey AND raw apple made it the most mild flavor yet.

I am starting to 'turn around' in my illness. The powerful anti-inflammatory effect is starting to kick in. It is like prednisone shot, but no prednisone and no shot. 

I drink it twice a day.

What do experts have to say about Turmeric? Well, I saw something 'medical' that said there are fourteen different 'medical things good' about Turmeric. That's what got me thinking about it in the first place.

Here is Mother Nature Network:

Here is a picture of how they prepare it in the fields:

And here is the final product. This spice is used in curry in India, where Alzheimer's is less:

 Guess what Dr. Weil won't tell you, but I can?

Turmeric is what makes mustard yellow.

And when mustard stains cotton, and a black light hits the stain, it looks like this:

It glows! Turmeric glows in the dark--well, at least under special lighting.  I used to love to see that while working in the stain room when I worked for Clorox. When nobody was around and I was working in there, I would turn on those special lights just to see how cool it looked, and then get back to working.

Speaking of mustard, here are the seeds:

They are really tiny:

But they end up being one of the biggest plants, one that might even be taller than me:

From what I understand the greens of this plant are also very healthy for us to eat.

Intuition is like the 'faith of the mustard seed'. It alerted me to the value of the raw organic turmeric at the store. I didn't buy it blindly, but I looked into it, checked around, and decided to try it at home.

I am delighted with the results! Enough to share the therapeutic value of Turmeric with you.

I hope with all of this turmeric I don't start to glow--under the right lighting--LOL.


Reiki Doc

P.S. This is my recipe and I am sticking to it!
two 'thumbs' of turmeric, fresh organic, raw (my thumbs are tiny)
two apricots, skin on, seeds out
honey, a good long pour
water to cover
a pinch of Himalayan Pink Salt

Blend at low speed to combine, then high speed until a consistency of a melted 50/50 bar.

Enjoy! (Makes about twelve ounces of 'smoothie')