Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Day Three in 5D

It really agrees with me. There is a calm, an order, and Peace. Love surrounds everything I do.

I got to work on time, when most of the time it is my worst struggle. Well, it is a tie for trying to get my night-owl kid to bed, who gets more hyper as it gets closer to ten, when I have to wake up at four in the morning! If you could only be a fly on the wall with that one, you would totally crack up! If it wasn't for Reiki at bedtime, he would never fall asleep. Reiki III was the 'magic bullet' that got his energy to calm. He would fall blissfully asleep before I finished his treatment.

As I walked in, I walked by one of the administrative workers in one of the offices of the hospital. I know her, love her, and enjoy her very much. I saw she had taken care to dress in matching colors, and said, 'You look pretty today'. This lady, walks with a cane. She has had one problem after the other ever since I met her. And that is why I love her: I see that her mental state of 3D lower vibration--which has been consistent--has been manifesting car accidents, elderly aunt dying on vacation with her, and numerous health woes. This is not to say she doesn't have valid ailments. But the dwelling on them, with no introspection as to what 'lesson' the illness has, or more properly, what her body is trying to communicate to her through illness, has led to louder 'messages' from the body in its Dis-Eased state. It is my hope that the Unconditional Love that I have for her, like I do for my coworkers and patients, will raise her vibration enough so she may stop the 'tail spin' she is in. Nobody can do it for her; she can only do it for herself. But I listen with open ears and a smile every time she shares her troubles with me.

My first case was the same patient who looked at me and called me 'AWESOME' when they woke up. It was a two-fer, yesterday and today. Also, during the case, the circulator approached me and asked to take a Reiki class from me. I said, 'Of course'.

Work is hard, but today, due to a promise I made in meditation, I spoke up about an important issue to me: I demanded time to go and eat between cases around lunch.

You see, we don't get breaks. Ever. No one relieves us. Yesterday I was in a case from 10:30 a.m. to 17:30 p.m.---seven hours with no meals. On the way in to work this morning, I realized it was time to say 'NO', politely, but firmly, to the circus of 'hurry up and do this case'.

My case ended at 12:40, and my next case was scheduled to be GI at 13:45. I could eat. But as I wheeled the patient past the front desk at 12:50, I heard them saying my name. The charge nurse came all smiley to me in recovery room after I had handed the patient to the PACU RN. It was 12:55, and the surgeon wanted to go at 13:00.

I looked her in the eye and asked, 'Do you know I am always starving? Do you take this into your planning when you switch cases around? I would appreciate it if you at least checked in with me before you promise a surgeon a case is going to go when you switch. I have been here since seven thirty, and have not had lunch. Would it be possible for me to eat? I take ten minutes.'

That is how tight they work us. They deny us ten minutes to have a sandwich. I knew the surgeon. He is really all about the efficiency--he is good, but it is a business, and it's hard to keep up with him. Very draining. And hungry too? With a room switch thrown in! (I have to check each anesthesia machine and wipe it down to disinfect it. I don't trust my colleagues on where they put their gloves that were just in the patient's mouth.)

I said, 'I get hypoglycemic. You do not want me to pass out on you while I am giving anesthesia.' And I left. Ten minutes later, I came back, fully refreshed and better able to maintain vigilance during my next case. I sat in the Doctors' Dining Room with another anesthesiologist who is a mom, and we both were sad about how fast we have to eat while we are working. It took about eight minutes to eat a full lunch.

I did the 'switch' room case, then 'switched back' on the next case and I went back to my first room.

That's where I hit my head. Hard. Right on the monitor that is used for laparoscopy.

The Reiki 1 RN I had just taught two weeks ago witnessed it--and heard the thump. I was hurting! Her right hand instinctively flew up and touched my head right where it hurt. And the pain went away! We were both surprised and delighted that the Reiki works!

In my last case of the day, around 16:30, I had just put the patient to sleep and was getting settled in at my cart, when I realized I had a song in my head. It was Edith Piaf, La Vie en Rose.

I only get that song in my head when I am extremely happy. I even hum it absentmindedly.

Blush...I had been thinking about someone in a nice way. And that I was glad that he wore glasses. I adore glasses--shhhhh! I am already a dead duck, on that one, but I keep getting surprised at how the little things I want keep popping up...I never tell anyone I think glasses are cute. I saw them Monday for the first time...and I am totally smiling. <3

I have not hummed that song in over seven years...Life in 5D is the BEST! I absolutely LOVE it!



Reiki Doc