Tuesday, May 14, 2013

How To Tell You Are in The Higher Dimensions

I am kind of dense. Spirit has been 'nudging' me to do this post for about a week now.

It took me that long to 'get' it. And that is OKAY. One of the biggest differences out of 'Duality' or the 3D experience is that life is not 'competitive'. We all win. And there is no rush. Everything happens at the perfect time for the Highest Possible Good.

Plus--because I am writing this now, we get many pictures!

We have to go back to Eastern Buddhist Tradition to understand this concept. For we are showing 'what can be seen' to illustrate a 'Spiritual Concept'.

First I will make you laugh:

  • At yoga class a little over two weeks ago, I got fragrance oil on my wrist from YogiBill. It was called 'Blue Lotus'. Innocent of the 'double meaning', I just thought to myself, 'Pretty! Asian! Blue!' and enjoyed it.
  • In PACU there is a calendar with our heart surgeons on it right over the Pyxis where I check out my keys to the locked boxes locker and drawers (there are three sets of locks to get to an actual drug). I don't really like their images, for what they did to 'end' my cardiac anesthesia 'career'.
  • I looked up on this months' image (their faces are at the bottom of the long, thin calendar, on EVERY SINGLE MONTH... : P   ), and there was a blue flower. 
  • It kind of looked like the one at the top of this page.
  • Then I started thinking--master perfumer/aromatherapist calls the stuff 'Blue Lotus', this picture looks like a blue water lily, might it be a lotus too? 
  • Is Spirit trying to tell me something?
  • I looked it up.
  • The Blue Lotus has 'apomorphine' in it. It is an anesthetic drug, as far as lotuses go. The only one.
  • DUH. Okay Spirit. I 'get it'. You want me, the anesthesiologist, to write about the significance of the Lotus 'spiritual process' once I 'understand'.
So here we are. 

And since a picture is worth a thousand words, and I found some really nice ones, let's begin.

Let's call this, 'Buddhist Spirituality for the White Girls at the Beach in Southern California'"

In our minds, we females who are right now busy getting a pre-tan so as not to look pale when we hit the beach in summer, Buddhist Spirituality is something like this:

Whatever. It is something worlds away and pretty to look at but has virtually nothing to do with our 'lives'.

And when you think of a lotus, well, it wasn't until yesterday that I learned there is a difference between a lotus and a water lily.  The lotus is the one that sticks up OUT of the water when it blooms. So for all these years, as spiritual as I am, with being Reiki Doc and everything, I had been admiring simple water lilies, thinking they are lotuses, and being all happy. Little did I know the art poster I have framed on the landing of the stairs has 'lotuses', the real ones, and not the water lilies. I got it 'right' without realizing it, with what I 'clicked' on Art.com. LOL

The actual lotus is revered because it does not grow in pretty manicured little ponds like above.

Its roots are bound in 'murky water' which I roughly translate to 'surfer language' as 'it's roots are bound in s-h-i-t'. Make that 'tar on the beach that is hard to scrub off like near Santa Barbara'--nasty s-h-i-t. Ick.

This is the kind of water you do NOT want to swim in. There are leeches, parasites, god-knows-what-else and you will probably require antibiotics if you have an open sore!

THAT, my friends, is 'Duality' or the 3rd dimension, 'energetically'. You can't 'see the hand in front of your face' in Spiritual terms, and everyone is doing what they can to survive. It is INBORN in the nature of the Lotus to 'rise up'. But for many years 'what is going on' you can't 'see'.

This is why you have to 'trust in the process' or, in the local vernacular, 'chill'.

Then one day, when you least expect it, everything starts making sense. 
  • your 'bullshit detector' goes on hyper drive. Your aura is able to read the 'heart' and 'intent' of others everywhere you go, instantly. There is no second-guessing. Media, print, friends, coworkers, family, you intuitively 'sense' where they are coming from. And yes, you can 'smell a rat' and protect yourself.
  • your connection to Source deepens. You enjoy Nature more, and Sunshine, and you worry about your 'popularity' less.
  • It doesn't matter if he has a 'hot body' and 'he's into you' and 'what your friends will say'--it's more 'how thoughtful he is when he puts on the sunscreen and makes sure he doesn't miss a spot so your skin won't sunburn' and 'how nice it feels when he puts it on your skin'. This type of caring and Higher Dimensional personality is magnetic and brings you great joy when you find it 'on the beach'. You are like, OMG! This is AWESOME! And everything about him 'imprints' on your as the cutest, handsomest everything, EVER!
  • You share your food and things with others who don't have them, and don't think twice--even if it's the girl who is your bestie's friend that tried to steal your man.
  • The idea of a Doubled-double with fries and a shake after the beach doesn't really appeal to you any more. For some weird thing, you really want a salad.
  • You like the quiet and you are able to be by yourself. You go in the water (gasp! in your expensive bikini from Diane's!) and have a really good time in the waves instead of looking cool on the towel you have spent hours shopping for to 'match' your swimsuit and sunglasses and tan.
Does this make sense? Now that you are in a different perspective, a 'higher one', the little things don't matter so much any more.

And just like the flower, the growth, the progress, is almost imperceptible.

This is why the Buddha sits on a lotus:

This is why people show the chakras as 'spinning lotuses' for their shape and size to further their 'connection' to the 'spirit-asian-theme':

(I have a problem with the outer 'plain' lotuses, since they are in an inverted star position--that #@^* is everywhere you look. The Pantages was full of that "Mithraic symbolism", seriously, like, you know? But the other part is really great, the rainbow chakras...so I used it.)

And you will bloom like this:

And experience the Divine Union of the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine! Because I am romantic and love Hawaii, like ALL surfer girls, I picture it like this:

(Even though I think ceremonies are, at times, rather 'Mithraic' overall...In my mind's eye I have a Druid 'overlay' to the ceremony ; )   )

And life improves!

You operate from your Heart Center, which is connected to Source at all times, and with this Internal Navigation you experience a lot less 'traffic' and 'roadblocks' in your everyday life.

So for now, I envision you about like this:

Somewhere in the middle, a beautiful bud full of potential and Love, waiting to Open to the Light and share your wonderful Buddha Nature with the world. And yes, all of us have it within us, from the surfers to the low riders to everyone in between. 

We are One.


Reiki Doc

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