Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Mr. and Mrs. Scooter

Today I was guided to take a left instead of a right out of the Doctor's Parking Lot. Both ways lead home, and it didn't make a difference, so I listened to Guidance and I changed up my route.

At the corner, on the main street in front of the hospital, I had to wait to turn left because I saw a couple like this crossing the street.

I couldn't believe it!

There are COUPLES in mobility scooters?

That's when my intuition went off...this is not an accident.

In the O.R. I have been noticing a pattern among couples: evidence of Mutual Poisoning.

For example, the patient for Gastric Bypass Surgery typically has a mate that is even more heavy than the patient. Many couples undergo it together, with the 'test' one going first by about six to nine months. It is a lifestyle change for both of them.

I see this too at the local steakhouse. Do you know how many handicapped parking spaces there are in front of it? Almost as many as at the hospital! I am not kidding. The entire front of the building is lined with blue parking spaces. And next door? Guess what they just built? A new dialysis center!

This is a slow kill, folks.

They are poisoning you.

They do it with a 'healthy ham sandwich'. You know I killed a turtle once by accident. I fed it some ham and it ate it. My other turtle, Rafaella, wouldn't touch it. I still have her now. I didn't put two and two together for a long time. It took me much longer to realize that if the ham kills turtles it might not be that good for me, either. I lost my beloved Michaelangelo. At the time I thought maybe it was the spray for ants the manager put into the apartment....My snake also died too, and both were near the window. It could have been the sun, but that is unusual because there is no direct light because of the balcony. I think it was the snake never eating once, and the turtle eating ham. It 'resonates'.

So what is wrong with ham?

I don't know where to begin. Is it because it is a dead animal? Is it the hormone shots and antibiotics? Is it the miserable conditions for them to live? Or the filthy slaughterhouse where they know they are going to die? It is the saturated fat? Is it the curing it with chemicals and salt and sugar? Is it the way they make it taste good so you eat a lot of it?

I don't know for sure. I could be wrong. I like ham. At Easter it is the best, and last year I bought a spiral $$$ one.

I have evolved in my own path. This is not to say that what is right for me is right for you. It is, though, time to share openly 'I have my questions' and in fact, perhaps you might have some questions to bring up together too?

That hand made a lot of sandwiches. And bought whatever was being marketed to it.

That's how they do it, the slow kill.

What comes next? Matching caskets? I saw a casket truck on the way home yesterday. I have never seen one on the road going TO or FROM work, ever, not for many many years. What a coincidence!


Reiki Doc