Saturday, May 25, 2013

Opening The Portal

This is the last portal to open. With all of the group assembled at the Cobra Conference, we opened it together. This is a new kind of energy from the Galactic Central Sun that has never been anchored on Gaia before, ever. It contains a message of Love and Hope. It is a new color that has never before been seen on this planet. It is also accompanied by a new tone. This Light energy contains information, and Light Codes to help other Light workers awaken.

Here is a transcript of my notes:

  • They are above us right now (galactics)
  • The OM sound started to tone in a higher realm (astral or etheric plane) at noon
  • We said an ancient Atlantean Chant that means 'Light of Love'
  • I saw a very tall structure with a dark pink curtain on it. As we joined our energy, the curtain moved from right to left.
  • Light, of a color I can only describe as 'many shades of gold' started streaming in as the curtain parted.
  • The Light increased in intensity, and I had the sensation of golden water flowing through a pipe, that was the kind of energy I picked up
  • Around this time, the edges of the hole where the light was shining turned solid golden, and 'legs' of some kind 'anchored' this portal into the open position. It was permanent.
  • Then the energy increased and the Light energy flooded in. 
  • At the lower left of the light, I saw non-human shadow forms starting to flee the Light
  • This Light feels WONDERFUL! It is nicer than Karuna, and Karuna Reiki feels very Light
  • Around this time, my consciousness dropped straight down into a control room in Agartha. I saw the Agarthans in the room (they were tall!) and there was a buzz of excitement and congratulations among them.
  • Next, I popped 'up' into the craft the Galactics were inside, and I saw two, who smiled big and gave the 'thumbs up' sign.
  • Both the Agarthans and the Galactics had been doing the meditation to open the portal at the same time as us.
  • I felt Gaia say, 'I am healing'
The significance of the portal is that the Galactic Central Sun is not streaming in Light to the planet that is being modulated in intensity to 'best match' Gaia by the triangle of Jupiter, Venus, and Mercury. This energy is a Higher Aspect of Light that is being anchored for the first time in human history. There will be no cataclysm, no wars, and no violence with the coming earth changes.

Although I saw more visuals, others present 'sensed' the galactics before being told of their presence by Cobra. Some saw the Golden Light. Others got the 'gist' of it, and saw swirling light columns.

The best part was that Cobra said, 'For those of you that feel the need to share, please do.' and looked straight at ME! At first I didn't say anything. But then he said it a second time, so I shared. (At the last conference in November, I was the 'visual' sharer in the group.)

The most striking is this that was posted on my Facebook Page today. One of the readers witnessed the portal opening remotely without realizing what the significance of their vision was. Here is the text:

Does this make sense to anyone? This was really different from my other writing rituals so far. It went from I am statements to vivid visions.

Gabriel & Melchisadec please be with me now in Love & Light, Love & Light, Love & Light. Please protect me from lower energies and only let Love, Light, Joy and Abundance in. Let the words I write now only come from my Highest Self and my Heart. Let me positively attract what I want from my future now and turn it into my abundant present reality. Only higher energy and good things will be of my present and future now. I accept what is and surrender to you.


I am in a really great place right now. I have a magickal job ans surrounded by colour. Vibrant and dynamic. Melchisadec paints me with his paint brush. I am a blank canvas. My bedroom is perfect and very spiritual. I travel on all planes as directed by the Angels. I am bathed in white light every night in my dreams before I am cascaded in gold. White and gold are tied together with Gabriel’s silver ribbon of light. I am a Servant of the Divine under the tutelage of Gabriel. We have been linked together over many lifetimes. I also serve Gabriel as part of my Soul Purpose. I play with rainbows during the day and bathe in the silver light of the Moon by night. Sometimes this is enhanced by Melatron making me ascend higher and deeper into the white light. The Moon is at my Crown while the Stars illuminate the rest of me. I am being showered with gold light as I write this. Now. In My Past. In My Present. In My Future. I am Light. Connected to the Angels. In Love and bound by Light. Raphael is now wrapping me up in gold ribbons that are weaving across the silver ones Melchisadec is now bringing in the coloured light of the Rainbow. All mixing together and creating me. I have changed into golden sparkles . My skin is now gold and my wings are silver. All the rainbow colours make up my aura. Deep pink is infusing my heart. I see him as he appears in this lifetime standing before me. He holds out his hand and leads me away. It is now dark until we begin the dance again. I am not to concern myself with physical plane concerns during this ritual. This is purely for me and the Angels. The Light is pushing out the dark and I am truly free. The magick is waning. I am floating down to Earth until the dark moon. He says to me ‘We will meet again.’ Keep your heart open to receive.--Stacey Riley

How did this happen? Well, she was tapping into the Eternal Moment Now, and through the filter of perception, got a 'lot' of what was going on. The Angels were in fact present, along with the Ascended Masters at the Portal Opening.

All of us are able to 'open' and 'see' like this. It is our Divine Right at birth. Although we might have 'lost' it due to society, it can come back. For a soul it is like learning to ride a bike. One never forgets.

P.S. here is the official link from Cobra on the Portal. The Atlantean Chant is ALMA. It means 'Light of Love'.


Reiki Doc