Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Colonoscopy Number Two

My friends in psychic development class contacted me about a month ago. 'Do you have a recommendation for a gastroenterologist? The orthopedic surgeon you sent me to was such a good match!'

Of course. I saw the list of names provided by insurance, and recommended about three who I thought would be a 'good match'  for colonoscopy.

My friend is really anxious.

My friend had a totally bad experience with 'conscious sedation' during the last colonoscopy. They had to cut the procedure short because my friend was so uncomfortable.

It took a lot of rearranging the schedules in advance and a lot of phone calls to make me available for the study. I wasn't sure if I could make it, but I got there on time, and the GI team was running late.

Then the GI doc wanted to take lunch. I was going to join him, but in the waiting room were my friends, the one to have the study and the other to drive home.  They had such delight on their faces at seeing me 'all dressed like an anesthesiologist', I chose to stay with them until the GI doc came back.

The nurses were flustered at the rush. It was because I had to be starting a case in the main O.R. in forty-five minutes.

My boss cut in ahead with his case first. The nurse invited me to insert an i.v. while she got my friend ready 'so she would feel more comfortable'.

Nurses like it when I start and i.v. especially when stressed. It is one less thing for them to do. (You should see the times they don't even try and just say 'it looks too difficult we left the veins for you!') Most of the time they put them in, though. I am lucky. They do it way more often than at my last work.

I got a twenty-two gauge in on the right hand with a quick wince from my friend, and a loud 'It's over!' by me.

Her friend came in and sat in the chair as I worked.  After I examined the patient and the patient records, as we waited and talked I gave Reiki.

At the feet, I asked, 'Do you mind if I touch your feet?' We do hands-off Reiki, as we were taught, but Spirit nudged me to lay my hands on the soles (plantar) and back (dorsum) of the feet. I got the okay.

It turns out there is peripheral neuropathy.

I  could even feel the bowel prep in the abdomen, there was a lot of discordant energy in the bowel as my hands hovered over the area.

Soon it was time to go. I had seen patients like this. Many times! I knew how much anesthesia to give. I knew how much the study was going to 'stimulate' (be painful) so I took her deep.

I had let the GI doc know it was ME that send my friend to HIM through my referral. So he did his best, and biopsied microscopic polyps and took forever looking every which way, although the study was technically difficult due to exceptionally long colon.

During the case I got two phone calls from the angry surgeon who badgered the front desk at main O.R. to find me for his next case. I also had my boss walk in twice, offering-sort of-to take over but then he would have been late for his next case. To the first, I said, 'ask my boss. He scheduled it. I am on a special request case. If you have to find someone else to start it' and to the second, 'I think I should finish this'.

It finally ended. I took her to recovery, gave report, hugged her ride and said everything is all right. But my surgeon is mad I me, I am fifteen minutes late, I have to run.

That ride is my reiki teacher.

She sent reiki to the surgeon in the O.R.

He did the fastest oncology case I have ever seen--with full node dissections--faster than a normal case.

He was on fire!

Thanks Reiki.

Later that night I checked on my patient with email messages.

Shortly after the procedure, my patient was doing the things they love to do, according to the ride. My patient emailed me too with a big THANKS!

I heard from the ride friend that around eight o'clock at night, her friend the patient looked at her and said, 'Reiki Doc is my HERO!'

I was so excited. My dream and my dedication is to 'turn things around' for people who have had traumatic experiences with invasive tests and surgical procedures.

My teacher said, 'you can check that one off your list!' and is requesting me for their next scheduled colonoscopy.

I am their private anesthesiologist!


Reiki Doc