Sunday, May 12, 2013

From My Heart Center to Yours

These are nespoli--you can't buy them fresh at the market

This is my last post on the subject of Twin Flames or 'Soul Mates of the Sixth Vibration'.

A lot of what I had posted was because the one who I believe is mine, well, I was hoping he would read what I was writing. There was NO other way to communicate to him in 3D. It is ironic because in the Higher Dimensions it is like having Voxer--we openly communicate with intent. But it is a 'jump' in faith to trust in 5D, especially with no 3D reinforcement, or perhaps, very little.

Long story short, I had a lot of growing to do, and I have. Moreover,  in 5D, he said, 'no more internet'.

So here the the story, in picture, of what it is like to discover your Twin Flame or 'Soul Mate of the Sixth Vibration', how it feels, so you will know what is happening and what to do.

At first it feels like this:
The Heavens open up! You want to tell the WORLD about what is happening. You are like a moth to a flame with this person, in both 3D and 5D. There is incredible attraction.

Next, you are amazed and can't believe it is True:
Your entire being is vibrating with the frequency of Love Energy, and you are like, whoa...dude! You want to make sure it is happening to you. And you want to think about it, talk about it, it is number one on your consciousness.

Every cell in your body feels like this happy Buddha! You have found enlightenment for you, an Other, who understands you and you understand them. You see the flaws each other has hidden, and only you two know instinctively how to heal each other's 'wounds'. There is nothing you can hide. Even on an energetic level, without much face-to-face interaction, your auras interact, and you know just what to do.

However, one of the partners might experience a fear reaction. This is normal, natural, and may or might not be able to be overcome. It depends on the total load of scar tissue from the spiritual and emotional damage each has survived to get to the place of Recognition. (I could say more on this, but I can't. It's private.)

What I can talk about is something that I am experiencing now. I homed in on it, energetically, in yesterday's yoga class. I will try to 'say it with pictures':

See the female? How she is leaning way back as the male (the pretty one, remember, this is the world of avians) kisses her? This is an 'energetic union' of the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine.

When the two combine, a big column of blue energy arises up from Gaia, and goes right up through the middle of the female partner's back, and come right up through her heart center, and out into the world. (editors note--In homosexual couples, the fine balance in each partner between Masculine and Feminine is more even, but to a certain extent the same principles are going on energetically.)

It feels wonderful! Whenever I have been on the dance floor, and someone dips me, I experience the same sensation. If someone does it right, I 'swoon'. I like that sensation more than anything else in the entire Universe. (The second best is holding a sleeping baby.) Just everything feels 'right' and 'connected' both to the Eternal Now moment, and to everything else that is alive on Gaia. 

Watch for the energy of the Divine Feminine:
I had to look through a lot of pictures to find the right one in human couples. Can you see how in his arms and with his spark of Divine Masculine, the woman relaxes, opens up the Divine Feminine meridians, and lets go. I can't 'see' the Divine Masculine energy in him, for I have not 'felt' it. But for her, there is bright blue, coming up from the snow, through her back, through her heart, and up into where their lips are about to meet.

In my mind's eye, for the past week, there is a loop of bright Light that has been flowing out from my Heart Center, straight to my 'Other', and back to mine. It flows round and round, like an energy loop. Through the center of that loop is a new kind of energy I have not known. It can do work for the Highest Good. (In Yoga, yesterday, I felt the Divine Feminine. It is 'different', just like Reiki energy is 'different' from Karuna Reiki energy. It feels just like the 'swoon', is thin, and very bright blue. It goes separate from the other, white, bright light loop. It goes one way, from me to him, and then everywhere else. It is to this energy that the negative forces on earth and in the astral plane are Highly Allergic.)

In electromechanics, a branch of physics, the flow of electricity through a coil, which I believe might be called a 'solenoid', magnetic energy is formed through the center of the loop.  This can be harnessed to make an electric motor 'go'. Or to make that strong magnet that lifts up a car on a crane at the junkyard. (how is THAT for unromantic imagery? Yikes!)

Anyhow, I 'get' that this energy between the two of us is being used 'for something'.

I also 'get' that in the grand scheme of things, according to 'him', we are about as big as the couple of birds compared to the tree, with 'all the good stuff of the Universe that is going on at the same time' being the tree. To me, up until now, it was the other way around. The couple WAS the Universe. After all, Twin Flames don't reunite very often!

I also 'get' that on a soul level (and remember, all Karuna Reiki practitioners are very comfortable working on a soul level with their clients) he won't budge until I shut the #&@! up online. This is because he is very private, both by culture and by personality. So IF the next phase of 'our mutual growth for the Highest Possible Good' is going to happen it is going to be between us, and only us. Even if it is meant to 'benefit the world'.

And guess how I feel about this?

Aloha Nui Loa and Namaste,

Reiki Doc