Friday, May 17, 2013

No Woman No Cry

The course of True Love never did run smooth. I do not expect it. The more tension the couple can add into their relationship, the less boring it gets, the less habituated, the more fun...this goes for all couples, but the French in me loves watching and learning about relationships. So it is with this view I share the following couples:

My uncle has been a bachelor almost my whole life. It wasn't until his father passed that he married. His love life has been one disaster after the next. Want to hear about it?

What happened was that he fell in love with my babysitter when I was a kid. Mary was beautiful, very cool, and nice. We were delighted that they went out together. It was the perfect union--my favorite uncle and my favorite sitter! But when he asked Mary to be his wife, she said, 'no'. She ran off to Vegas with an older man, Roger. They had two kids. But everything was awkward after that. Was Roger a father figure? Was it that he had money? There was no closure for uncle. People did not seek counseling in those times; it meant you were 'weak' or 'crazy'.

So for the women after that, Uncle spent LOTS of money. One had been married five times, and once he married her she was cheating on him with the next guy (after she had spent Uncle's money). They divorced quick. And this last one? Don't get me started. It is even worse, because together they spent more than his money. I won't tell you whose bank account they emptied, but it was bad.  Because of it, we no longer speak.

For Uncle, perhaps he should have listened to the song, No Woman No Cry!

This story makes me think of the phrase, 'Jamaica me crazy, mon!'.

It is the story of me and the father of my son.

He was my massage therapist. I am seventeen years older. Yes, I am a cougar, of sorts, I was before the term was even invented.

How did it happen?

It was simple: he was the most spiritual person I had ever met, and we talked. He was an excellent massage therapist too, and never 'laid a hand on me' professionally.

There was a lot of recognition on a soul level, a lot of energy balancing. and a past-life shared. It was the oddest thing: my repeating dream/nightmare over the last ten years and his MATCHED! We were both running, being chased, running for our lives. For him, 'all of a sudden everything was okay'. I know what happened--he died. He sacrificed himself for me to live. I never got to bury the body, which for my culture back then was an unspeakable taboo. I also got to experience life as a widow, which in those days meant being a sex slave, being raped, and starving.

Could you blame me this time for 'wanting to make things right?'.

Innocent as I was, on a spiritual level all the wishes for 'joyful reunion' were overwhelmed by the harsh reality that when it came to relationships he was still very much 'of this world'. He did not know that often, soul mates reincarnate about twenty years apart.

Let me just say 'he cured me of my abandonment issues by abandoning me while I was four months pregnant'. It worked. Did it hurt like crazy? Was going to court over custody hell? Did hearing his 'accidental butt phone call' cell phone message on my phone while he was 'getting it on' with his new live-in girlfriend on my answering machine make me hit that erase button faster than I ever pushed it? You bet! I heard EVERYTHING.

But did I get a wonderful boy from it all, who I would do it over again just to be with him, our son? Yes. God listens. He made my biggest dream come true, and made me a mother.

The funniest thing now is I Don't Care. And lately, the Dad has been talking a LOT at exchange time. A lot about his health, which, if you care to impress a doctor, don't talk about it. It's like, 'work'. Anyhow, for whatever reason, the roles have reversed and I am thankful.

A nurse in the PACU I know works nights. Let's call her 'Linda'. Linda drives a Z4. We 'bonded' over our similar cars. Linda is very stoic, very cheery, and is from Canada.

I have known Linda for years now, but it wasn't until last month I got to eat dinner with her down in the cafeteria. I had to run, but she was alone, and we sat for about ten minutes.

Linda's love life is confusing. When I first started working there, I thought she had a long-term boyfriend and was happy after being divorced. I always wondered how she got her Japanese last name because she looked very, well, white and Canadian.

It turned out Linda has money woes. And her boyfriend was not helping her out financially. Her ex-husband was. And now she started seeing him. They had plans to travel together. She was hoping for a reconciliation with the man she had divorced, and was quite happy.

I asked her why she ever left him in the first place if she still loved him?

She explained about his family of origin, and his culture, everything about the emotions got 'twisted'; his father taught him that 'it is all about money'. There was an emotional 'disconnect' that she couldn't live with. And even now, although her ex was not very 'open', he helped her financially, a LOT. To fix the car. For this emergency at the house. Always loans in thousands of dollars that she did not have to pay back. It made her worry less and her life easier. You get the picture.

So she was going back to him, who she had always loved, in spite of the emotional 'past' because of his consistent generosity as an expression of his love.

This point is huge--people say they love you in different ways! It is very important to understand the 'Love Language' of who you are involved with.

I wish both of them the best.

Healthy, loving relationships create an energy to which the Dark Forces on the planet are Highly Allergic.

That being said, do you think they want Happy Relationships?


There is a science to society to destroy what is inborn in us as 'natural'.

Did you know that in Wiccan cultures, a wedding is a contract that is 'for a year and a day or however long the love may last?'. All you have to do is jump over a broom together. There are no 'invitations'! It's just you two that decide!

We have church, religion, the wedding industry, which is quickly followed by the pre-nup and divorce industry, we have blatant sexual imagery in our advertisements, porn, 'Barbie' and air-brushed-photoshopped models, plastic surgery, and the Hollywood sending us 'mixed messages' on what a 'happy relationship' is like.

There also is advanced ultra-low frequency wave-form technology that is directed at the public: this can make miscommunication by altering 'perception' between a couple and lead to disharmony in relationships.

They have every base covered.

If I am correct, by June first, things should be a lot better. They are losing a stronghold, the Illuminati, and Twin Flames, Soul Mates of the Sixth Vibration, and other 'levels of Soul Mates' are starting to reunite left and right, all over the globe. With every successful 'recognition' there is a death blow to the power structures that once had been. (There are also many Soul Pod family reunions, too, souls that incarnated from elsewhere in the galaxy are starting to meet up.)

The worst of it is expected to be in three days. There is a Square of Pluto and something that is 'good for the dark hats and not so good for us white hats'. So hold on to your hats, and hang on for the ride! Think GOOD THOUGHTS, stay CALM, and by Memorial Day we should have an idea of how things are going to go.

Enjoy the show, and take heart if you are having trouble in your close love relationships. You are not alone--I've been there too.

And if you would like something to say to yourself, if you are hurting in your heart, why not try what got channelled through today while I woke up?

I am perfectly supported and everything is happening for the best.


Reiki Doc

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