Saturday, May 25, 2013

At The Cobra Conference Irvine


We were told to be quiet, close our eyes, and feel the Lunar Eclipse.

I was taken aboard ship, into the control room. I had on a uniform that matched, and I felt like, "I am so relieved to be myself again and free to move!'.

My first thought was to most humbly and sincerely thank everyone for their healing the planet, for their dedication and service, to me, to the others at the conference, and to all the living creatures on the planet.

Everyone stared at me in silence. Their mouths hung open. I felt embarrassed as if I had made a faux pas.

I was their commander.

I usually don't talk like that to them. I tell them what to do.

A co-commander, whom I know in this life, came to me, again, in matching uniform. He tried to explain to me that at night we work together in there for the common good. And in 3D we are, well, 'two ships that pass in the night', 'so close and yet so far'. 

This was only a five minute meditation. I will add more after today.


Reiki Doc