Tuesday, May 21, 2013

My Footsteps

I always look where Gaia meets my feet. That is where we connect.

This is at Big Bear, the local mountains, where I took my boy for the first time. It is on a balcony that is covered with indoor-outdoor all-weather carpeting. This was many years ago.

Although this is not 'feet', there is significant 'grounding' to earth through local Berkeley favorites, the Bread Garden, and Peet's coffee, in the Claremont area of town. As you can see, Mickey is never far away from my heart. I love Disneyland.

These were the style, and although I have a dress that perfectly matches them, I still think they draw attention to one of my many figure flaws, thick ankles. I may be 'wide open' metaphysically, but I still am here, and I know what looks good--and what I have to draw the eye away from--with fashion sense.

This is on deck of a whale watching boat. I am more alive there than anywhere else in the world.

An old ballet trick, the Yoga Toes, to relax the feet. This was when I was in a patient room on call because the call room flooded.

This is climbing on a rock in the desert. It is one of my favorite things to do.

I love ballet. I am not great, I am not awful. If I had worked very hard I would have made it to the corps de ballet, as one of the dancers in the group in the back, and I would have been quite happy to dance in those roles professionally. I adore the stage and the ballet.

I bought these shoes to make my patients happy. They are by the German company 'Think!' and are vegan. They leave little heart footprints where I go. I stopped wearing them because my mom said they make me look like a clown. I still have them in my closet. <3

This is when the call room flooded. I saved the electrical equipment (computer, etc) by raising it and unplugging the rest when a big wave of water came in from under the call room door. The water was up to my ankles. I learned a lot from this--water doesn't care about anything but seeking its level. No door is strong enough to stop it. I saw the room next door, the doctor's dining room, flood, but I thought the sandbags could keep it in. I was mistaken.

I have shown you today two spiritual lessons:
  • Our feet are always grounding us into the heart of Gaia, or Mother Earth, no matter what we have on our feet and no matter where we are.
  • I walk on feet just like you. We are one in that we have feet as our way to touch the ground. Even if, like with some of my patients, feet are missing for one reason or another, whatever part is closest to the ground is going to energetically 'connect' You to Her.
P.S. If you are 'missing' anything, there is a surprise for you. In Heaven everyone gets their body parts back! When Heaven comes to Earth in just a short time, once your Vibration assimilates, you will get that part back! Everyone is going to have perfect health, perfect teeth, and a perfect heart that is full of Love just as it was made to do. You won't have to worry about 'survival'. That is 'Duality', which is on the way O-U-T.

I love you and Big Hugs,

Reiki Doc