Saturday, May 18, 2013

Lunching With Two Angels

Today I had a most unusual day. My father used to have a saying, 'Nature abhors a vacuum.'

Around ten o'clock today, I was thinking to myself how my heart was finally open and functioning after a lifetime of injury. I was pretty happy. <3

Then after my short day, I went out to lunch. I went to where I go to 'fill up' on my energy. I have an upper respiratory infection, and with asthma, I had a terrible night.

My intent was to go ask for healing for the asthma and lungs since the 'unasked for' intention of the heart healed nicely.

My best friend is always there. I was looking forward to eating lunch with her, and then she disappeared without saying anything.

I am perfectly supported. Everything is happening for the best.

(That was today's channelled message)

I was guided to open my chakras, and to let my energy flow. I did. My upper chakras cover great distances, way farther than the state. As I was open, I brought in gold light, green light, and whiter-than-white light. It was nice to relax and be my natural state. I felt safe.

All of a sudden I didn't feel 'alone'.

I looked up at the empty chair across from me. I was in a booth. To the left was an angel, big wings, not sure who but more likely an archangel, and to the right was an entity I will call 'Papa'. Not my father, but I have seen him one time there before.

They didn't say anything. They had a sheepish look on their faces like they didn't want to 'spill the beans' and they did not converse with me. They shrugged their shoulders.

Shortly after that, the daughter of my friend sat with me. She looked worried and stressed. I knew why. But I asked.

It was then I found out the Truth about my new-found happiness that dashed it to shreds in an instant.

The one who makes my heart sing is going away in September. Like, permanently away; the distance will more than double between us. And traffic will always be a concern. Another loss to accept...

I felt a deep sorrow flow through my energy system.

Then I held back the sorrow. I squelched it.

That person was there, and I knew they could feel it. Super empath. Like almost scary accurate empath.

It all has to do with dreams of fulfilling a promise to God to use talent, this move. I gave my complete and total understanding and support to her. Financial. Emotional. In every way. At least while I work with a surgeon, even if they are difficult, it is only for one case at a time. Not a huge project! My heart went out to her--yet I can see both sides, both needs, both dreams--with this new business venture.

(Aside--Angels who show up to me like that are not good. They come before something terribly sad. While my ex was giving me my one and only pregnancy massage--my back hurt like horrible all the time--at my house, angels encircled us! They were everywhere. I talked with them. I laughed. I giggled, as the Higher Energies make me want to do. And I shared with the father of my baby what I saw, and how they said, 'everything was going to be okay'.

He freaked out and walked down the stairs and out the front door, never to return, and me naked in a sheet running, crying after him...)

Anyhow, back in the booth, my friend went to the kitchen. And there I was, this time, alone, with NO angels.

I made a promise to myself not to repeat how I was with my first boyfriend Tom. He wanted to be a meteorologist, a scientific one, like a storm chaser. But since I had always wanted to be a physician, and my parents couldn't afford it and had discouraged me, I discouraged him. We actually both ended up in our dream careers only after we broke up.  It wasn't until a high-school reunion where we talked I found closure and understood he was not 'the one' but 'one who was sent for a purpose' in my life.

So I prayed for courage in the new 'moving to BFE' situation, and to be brave enough to be cheerful and supportive to all involved, especially the dreamer, too.

The courage to not make the same mistake twice still didn't make me feel better. I had dreams myself. Quite different ones. Dreams of happiness shared. All of them fell into a heap under the table. But at least I didn't cry. I wanted to.

Blessed Mother came out. She asked me to keep thinking about the dream in September she had promised me. She said to think of it every day, just like I had been. Imagine it how I had been. Not to stop.  I said it would be hard but okay.

Then I tried to close my chakras. For the first time ever in my life they would not close! They GOT STUCK in the open position. I tried, but they kept 'bouncing open'. I was assured they would close automatically the minute I stepped out the front door.

Out of the blue,  I remembered the Neptune. The Neptune is a crazy device in the Operating Room. It is as tall as me and looks like R2D2 on steroids.  It makes suction and is really loud. I hate it. It has been around for ten years, and I hate it because I can't see the blood loss in a clear canister and know how my patient is doing. All you get on the Neptune is a stupid LCD readout of numbers on volume lost. I go by a later sign, symptomatic anemia, to know when to catch up with blood products. But in my heart of hearts about four weeks ago, I wished one day for the Neptunes somehow to 'just go away'. Forever. I didn't understand how it could work, but I asked for Divine assistance.

Guess what?

They did! Effective two weeks ago. Apparently someone got their lung sucked out by the machine and died somewhere in the world of surgery--not at our OR, thankfully. No more Neptunes. Anywhere. Ever. Not without enough paperwork each time to make any administrator shake in their boots. LOL.

Thank you GOD!!! My ears and my patients thank you too!

So since Blessed Mother insists, this trip to Heaven on Earth for me and my boy, with perhaps one more passenger if that is okay with him, is in my Heart Center. I want us to go to Victoria together, and stay in the Delta hotel like we have the past two years in a row. I want to go whale watching, to the Butchart gardens, and to relax and to have fun together. I want to go at that time because that is when the blackberries are ripe. They grow everywhere and my son and I adore picking them together.

At least I had the presence of mind, while feeling like roadkill on the road of romantical happy endings,  to think of Reiki. In healing through Reiki, two souls may 'connect' across distance AND time. In my daily meditations I have been spending a lot of time healing with this soul. Just this morning, we forgave and did healing with God. Usually it's just me and him healing but this time we focused more on the situation. And if that precious connection in Spirit is what is making me heal and be happy, I can still keep it up. I also reminded myself that in the world of Spirit, anything can change in an instant.

Then the Angel and Papa came back. Papa walked all the way over from the 'bar' with a big smile and so much love in his heart for me.

Guess what? They let me see the future. For the first time I got to see the future. Ever.

A server friend, Le Ann, saw me. She exclaimed, 'Why are you looking so PEACEFUL?'.

I said, "I don't know".

And then I laughed. That was what got me into this whole mess! I wanted to buy PEACE.


You know, Spirit is constantly helping.

Today, I got the answer to my 'question' I dared not the wondering why my heart has been through so much...

It came in the movie Parental Guidance. One line came out loud and clear, ringing with truth for me in my 'lesson'. Bette Midler says, 'Your husband's dream is coming true and part of that dream is your being with him'

Wow! Someone can do that. Make a place for you in their dream? Husband or 'partner' labels aside, the power of co-creation is incredible. Maybe that is what the angels were all about?

I don't know. There is this warm fuzzy feeling in my chest as I am writing this; it resonates. When I saw the future, I saw a definite 'together'. And much happiness and joy on all the faces. But I asked myself, 'How in the world can we get from 'here' to 'there'? It took a powerful leap of faith to trust in God and Spirit. Now that Spirit has 'clarified' I am okay with it.

I have all the patience in the world. I also have stuff to do.

There is just one week to go before the Cobra conference. I hope to get a lot more answers about me and my role in the Ascension Process and helping others there. My dream is to make a city of Light and bring advanced healing technology to the public ASAP.


Tuesday night, my boy learned how to whistle.
I had looked forward to that day for many years.

You see, I love men who whistle. My nannu, my Italian godfather and grandfather, used to whistle all the time. It helps me relax and to trust that everything is good. Now my little one has been whistling ever since throughout the day. <3

And for the very first time, on Wednesday, I learned that he is not the only man in my life that whistles. The one that makes my heart sing is a whistler!  I heard it for the first time on Wednesday and again on Friday too.

Life is good.


Reiki Doc

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