Friday, May 10, 2013

I Confess

There is so much to say. I almost dropped by where a friend works to talk about the last part I am going to share. But that friend works hard, and by the time things slow down enough to talk I would rather be asleep.

There were some major lessons and experiences from Spirit 'recently'.

One patient was an angel. The cutest cute thing ever. I carried them down the hall. So sweet, not an ounce of fear anywhere.

I learned that even though I can't have kids, some adopted ones might be angels. My biological child is my miracle, and was the 'end' of that for me, much to my sorrow. But this one, the adopted one, looked just like their adopted parent. It gave me a glimmer of hope. I once had wanted five kids...but as it is I am incredibly thankful for the one.

Another patient was difficult in a way I had never seen before, but irritated me a great deal. I even asked out loud 'why is this patient bothering me?' I have seen everything. I knew this one must be showing me a side of myself I don't like.

Now--I 'get' it. Here is the part for me: when you are on a Spiritual Path that is for your benefit, don't argue over the discomfort of the minor things along the way to get 'the result'. There is a certain maturity that comes naturally with being around a certain environment, whether it is Healthcare (my specialty) or Other Areas of Life (which I have severe stunting of my development). The message is 'grow up' and 'let it go', and 'go along with the process'.

I was so worked up about this patient, that I warned the recovery room nurse to be on the lookout for this odd behavior. As I did, something very strange happened: I was bathed in warm, loving energy and it calmed me down.  I know of one individual who, if you are in the other room working, and are sad, will show up and do something to cheer you up without saying a word. And you didn't ask either. The person just KNOWS. It was like that, but some Spiritual Something gave the help out of the blue.

There was one patient with terribly advanced disease. It was the second primary. The spouse had a primary too. I asked where they were from--very odd for so much of this same problem in a couple. The area they are from has a small neighborhood with a very high incidence of this disease. I could see how a 'slow kill' was happening with no one getting caught in that location. It was like Chernobyl leaking or something, the way it affected so many. Or like Erin Brockovich's movie.

I felt the thyroid as I scanned. I double checked on the history. Yes, there was a problem there. And the rest, the angel team said to 'let go' and 'let them take care of it'. After the transition symbol, I let them step in.

The most amazing one was lessons from this last patient. Looked just like the friend I almost went to see at work. Also had the same name as someone very close to me. Had problem from too much chemical. Had accident. Over decades and decades of use of this substance. Looked injured, but seemed 'normal'. Not far from my age. But nice. Chemical but nice. Very hard to read the energy. Very quiet.

At induction, right before, I gave a small dose to help 'relax' as I got the monitors on. This one was honest, and said, 'I don't even get a buzz with two', and, 'I can't even sleep with seven'. The drug I had given was not a blip on the 'radar' for them. I assured them they will fall asleep. I put an extra vial of propofol out just in case the one was not enough (top score--one patient took THREE 'sticks' of it to go to sleep once.) I later realized the effect of war on this person, who was five years older than me. Their whole adolescence must have been shattered. On the left arm was a tattoo that even said, 'make love and not war'. It was so sad to see an innocent life affected like this from political conflict.

Once asleep, and everything started, I went into the aura to do energy work.

Archangel Michael stepped in. He said to let him take care of everything. He would close the energy too. He actually cut the evergy 'cords' or 'ties between me and patient'!

I relaxed and gave the anesthesia, enjoying a slower pace case. That is until the surgeon got surprised.

There was no fracture.

We pulled up the films. It was very clear. A totally busted up bone. In three different views.

On the field was a very small crack, nothing like the many pieces all over like in the picture.

There was even some question about if the film was of the right patient. We checked the birthdate. It was the same one.

There was nothing to do. The surgery was cancelled. I woke the patient up.

I think I witnessed a miracle.

This is the second one this week.

The first was a benign tumor. It came out in the perfect shape of a heart. The surgeon and I were amazed at it. We had never seen anything like it. He had been at this for twice as long as I have. I have witnesses thousands of lumps and bumps, and so has he. We took pictures of it. (I would share with you but it is not permissible).

Thank you so much for being here for me.

It feels so good to be able to talk.


Reiki Doc