Monday, May 20, 2013

My Bad Day and Its Remedy


I had a bad day.

Long story short, I am getting over it. And NO! Not by drinking!

Here is remedy number 1:
Talking to Blessed Mother. I cried and journaled. She is a good mother to me. One day you will 'connect' to Spirit like that directly too. I highly recommend it.

Here is spirit's remedy number 2:
Choose JOY. You choose how you react.

And as an added bonus, Spirit sent this quote on Facebook at the same time: "The life of a spiritual Master is fraught with obstacles, struggles, and dangers of all kinds. He needs to know in advance he will have to pay dearly for his desire to bring light to humans, because not only will he not always be listened to, but he will be fought. He who thinks that with his knowledge and his example he will convince everyone he meets, is exposed to the worst disappointments. Wemust have the greatest ambitions for humanity, but we must also know that very few individuals will be up to the ambitions that we have for humanity.
"It is said that Jesus gave his life for the salvation of men, and so many others also sacrificed their lives for them! ... Because there is nothing more difficult than trying to help humans, and even if they are not massacred, many end up exhausted by the criticism, attacks and continuing threats to which they are subject. Initiates are also men, and that is why they have much more merit than we imagine to continue their work."
-- Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov

Here is spirit's remedy number 3:
My boy watched this and I overheard it. I don't think it was an accident:

Humor is a powerful tool for the Light.

And here is Spirit's remedy number 4:
This popped into my head as I was making dinner:

And now I 'get it'. Beyond the Illusion of 'this bad day' is Truth and Light.

My son's screaming so bad during the intradermal testing for allergy was so bad they had to cancel the test. Only three pokes. He reacted to the numbing cream EMLA so bad they almost cancelled the test to begin with. Now we have no answers to his chronic sinus infections and allergy. We did three weeks with no dairy--no benefit.  

When I was seven, they did that to me. With no numbing cream. Scratches individually on both forearms, a five by five array, followed by similar quantity of injections in my upper arms, one by one. Then the terrible itching and not being able to scratch.

Did I say I was so afraid of needles that I used to run out the door of the doctors' office and they had to chase me down the street when I was little? I was naked and screaming and fast!

Or did I ever share that I have to lie down now when I have blood drawn? I go vasovagal and I faint. 

Even though I use them on other people.

I guess my boy takes after me.

And that's not a bad thing.


Reiki Doc