Thursday, May 2, 2013

Spirit's Having Fun With Me

Today I went to eat. I know a server, she wants to take my Reiki class, which I hold in my home.  I was talking about how I have to clear my clutter. She loves change and throwing things out. I shared how I hang on to the baby stuff because it's my only one, and I really enjoyed when he was little.

No sooner than I said this, than I saw HIM holding a baby! Two tables down! I kid you not.

Guys holding babies are even more attractive than glasses and curly hair! I think it is hard-wired in to the XX chromosome. LOL. Fortunately, I was able to enjoy the view and not get caught.

 Sigh...okay Spirit! What's next? The one instrument against which I have no defenses whatsoever: the mandolin? Why am I so attracted to mandolin players?

It's simple. Somewhere deep in my mind, I know that if someone can make beautiful music with that lovely, delicate instrument that runs deep in my roots back to Italy, they will also be able to make beautiful music with me, heart and soul, mind and body...

Will keep you posted on the Vie En Rose front.

Mahalos for your kind interest in my happiness,


Reiki Doc