Monday, May 6, 2013

Reiki And The Conventional Grocery Store Employees

This is how my ancestors shopped.

Last night I needed to pick up a few things at the store. For months now, the bulk of our purchases are made at Mother's market, a place where you never have to worry about GMO. When time is tight, we go to Sprout's or Trader Joe, places that have a decent but somewhat more limited selection in the organic department. 

Last night I went to Ralph's. Spirit insisted. So we went.

In the car my kid was like, 'Mom? Why not Pavilions?'

I said, 'We are going to Ralphs'. 

We found everything, but in the produce department, there is an Indian gentleman who is always there. Seven days a week, for all shifts, this man is always THERE.

Lately he has  been pushing the produce. About two months ago, the last time I was there, he was pushing the 'Cuties' tangerines that are conventionally grown. I bought a small box just to humor him.

This time, he came over to me in the Organic produce department, which is less than one tenth the layout of the produce 'space'. He put his face really close to mine, and asked about something else he was trying to sell. He was like, 'You are buying Organic strawberries?! We have them CHEAPER over here!'

I'm sorry, but three dollars a double-size basket on Organic is a pretty good deal too. I thought to myself.

And then I looked in his eyes. Dark, deep, and empty. There was no light. He had suffered the 'sleep' over his love for money. 

I smiled, relaxed on purpose, and said in the nicest voice I could, 'We eat ONLY organic. Why don't you have any organic onions?'

'They never come like that.' he said, simply.

We both knew that the onions were giant mutants, with all of the brown ones in various stages of decay and rot.  They were inedible.

'People who eat Organic get used to it and their bodies start to crave it, huh?' he asked. 

I looked him straight in the eye and said, 'I just don't want to give all that pesticide to my liver.'

Then he changed his tune, 'I always recommend it.'

The energy was unpleasant because I had dared to challenge a 'sacred cow' to him: cheaper is better.

I had brought up the Trump Card of Health. 

I had won.


At the checkout stand, a kind woman invited me to come to her aisle. This store has been having less and less people in it for some time. There were only two registers open on Cinco de Mayo, a busy day for last-minute items.

I remembered my 'joy' for the day when she asked, 'Did you find everything you were looking for?'--I had been soaking for one hour my first Chia Pet, and I needed seeds. It is a Rally Monkey from the Anaheim Angels. I have always wanted a Chia Pet.

'Where are the Chia seeds?' I asked, politely.
'The WHAT?' the checker asked?
'You know--the little seeds that are good for you, well, you have to grind them for you first--they give essential fatty acids.'
'We--we don't HAVE any of THOSE seeds!' she said, looking to her manager, who looked flustered too.
'Well, they are like flax seeds. Tell me, where do you have the flax seeds? Not the oil. Just the flax?'
Then she remembered, 'They are on the top by the vitamin aisle'.
The vitamin aisle?!
I found them. A great big jar for twenty-one dollars. Medicinal grade. 
It was actually a good deal because the last ones I had bought was a tiny packet for six dollars, this was more.

I don't think they have rang up purchases like mine for a long time! ; )


Cinco de Vitamix

green smoothie that was too green for the kid (I drank it)
green smoothie with extra banana and ginger to cover up taste of kale (in a bottle in the fridge, kid refused it--it needs salt mom)
Pineapple and banana and orange juice smoothie (this is GOOD mom! and I lost all patience whatsoever.)

just cleaned the Vitamix with the drop of soap and the cleaning mode

'soup' a la Karen Ranzi (carrot, 1/2 zucchini, 1/2 avocado, shallot, 1/2 red bell pepper, slice jalapeno)
 It was too spicy to serve--I ate it and put his serving into the refried beans I had on the stove.
Vitamixed boiled beans (cooled) and then re'fried' to a thicker consistency.
guacamole in the vitamix (mom, this is too spicy too.)
organic taco meat (for my son who eats meat)
taco shells (not organic. would like them to be made though.)
Coke (my boy)
powdered horchata mix that was terrible in filtered water (I need to throw that out. I wonder if Vitamix makes Horchata? I can try!)

Once of the clearest 'signs' of having Ascended is a reluctance to 'participate' in all non-wiccan 'holidays'. They just don't make 'sense' and further seem like a 'hand in my pocket trying to take money out'. I cut way back on all 'celebrations', just to the minimum. For example, only chocolates for Easter, not decorating the whole house and the eggs. Although this is pleasant, it is the 'sensation' of being 'marketed to celebrate' I resist with my entire Vibration.

Furthermore, and you are going to hate me for saying it: why on earth celebrate the weekend? Why should we have only TWO days to do what we wish and relax? God made us SEVEN. 

There are no other animals on the planet who are harnessed so tight. They let us 'in the pasture' on Friday night just so we can go out and spend more money.

To me, every day is an equally wonderful gift from God; some days have more 'time at work' scheduled into it, but every day I start in joy and hope for more lessons and a chance to get to know myself better.


Reiki Doc