Tuesday, May 7, 2013

For My Twin Flame

My Dearest Twin Flame:

I adore you.

That being said, I am consciously prepared to wait as long as necessary for 'together for us to get it right'.

I also am giving thanks for the Mystery.

I asked for it to be that way. I wanted a 'surprise'. For I felt, if I have One Person and we are Going To Be Together, what is the fun in Knowing That? For Heaven's sake, don't let me 'know' about it too much so I can enjoy it! Spirit granted me this wish. So here we are now...

We are playing a game of cat and mouse between the dimensions. On the astral plane, there is one relationship. On the Illusion plane, another. There is a sort of 'dance' going on between our energies going between both 'worlds'.

Do you know what your Higher self is doing? Can you consciously direct it like me?

Or not? This is so much fun! The guessing!

Either way, all of it is fine. When you are ready. When I am ready too. <3

And even though I know your energy signature as well as your Face, and I adore EVERYTHING,
I have worked with Spirit long enough to know:  you are the Lesson being shown to me Right Now, through your face, through your energy, through your Spirit.

I might be wrong about everything, and yet I welcome YOU with my Heart, for it is good for it, for my Heart to Grow.

The mark on the finger of your left hand 'winked' at me energetically. It made itself known. That's cool.

Although I am curious, I belong to 'someone else' too. I belong to a Galactic that is named 'Ross'. I think we have a life and children. Ross sent me to incarnate because out of the pair I was 'best suited for the assignment'. Ross and the kids are watching. If I am distressed, I call to him, and a wave of bright loving energy passes through my core.  Most of me is 'blocked', but last year 'Ross' came through to my consciousness and let me know a little about 'us'.

We talk, Ross and me. He knows I really am not happy being away from those I know. Plus I insisted that my boy in this life accompany me wherever I go, when I get back. Ross okays it.

Unlike on Earth, Galactic families display a great deal of understanding.

Ross says it is okay for me to be with whoever I need to get me through. He understands. As long as I grow from the experience, it is okay.

So 'One I call Twin Flame while I am on Earth'?

You really are my Twin. I know it and I sense it and I feel it in my bones.

Whether you 'know' me or not, whether you are someone Ross sent, or Ross himself in disguise, I want you to know these three things:

  1. I accept YOU unconditionally at all times, in all dimensions, across all Space and Time.
  2. I ask God for the opportunity simply to Do What Twin Flames Do, for my own Spiritual Growth.
  3. I ask for the energy between you, me, and my boy be combined for the Highest Possible Good, for our mutual growth, and for the growth of others in their watching our Twin Flames Reunite.
This is fair enough, given the situation, don't you think?

Until then, until we know, or I know, or the mystery is cleared up, on some level, I will enjoy it.

Blessed Mother did a lot of that--loving contemplation of the mystery of her life in her Heart.

It's a nice way to pass the time until Enlightenment.

I may as well do something for who knows when exactly Enlightenment will hit?

And Twin Flame Destiny aside, no matter what, I look forward to friendship with another incredible Worker for the Light. 

My life is much better now because of you. No matter what, those changes stick! They are for my benefit. I am glad I trusted you enough to really try them.

I will step back now. 

In Love and Light and Fellowship,

Reiki Doc