Monday, May 27, 2013

Paying Bills and Reflexes

There are subtle signs that Ascension really is happening:

  • Nature is growing more beautiful and serene
  • People in general are nicer (yesterday my boy was hungry at Cobra. All I had was chocolate. He ate it. A famous Czech actress noticed, called his name, and offered him a freshly-baked bread stick, which he gobbled up.)
  • I used to be very prompt on my bills. Now I just want to go outside, or DO things to help others. I dislike 'the system' and 'feeding into it'. This is very unlike me.
  • A zucchini was rolling off the cutting board as I was making lunch today. I caught it the second before after it left the edge of the board. I used to have terrible reflexes and was uncoordinated growing up. This is something new.
  • There is energy 'attachments' or 'extensions' coming out of my back, around each shoulder blade, and I can 'direct' this energy with my consciousness. I got this at the end of April. A friend of mine got it last December.
  • I can sent Reiki now out of my heart as well as my hands. It happened spontaneously in the O.R.
  • Yesterday Lady Isis shared about how to 'Surrender' to 'The Highest Good'. A lot of this is going by 'what feels right'. Sometimes she leaves the dishes in the sink for three days, until she feels the 'love to do the dishes'. Ironically, I have been experimenting with this too. I find that I can do chores more efficiently when I 'feel the need to do it'. And I have stopped 'forcing myself to do things' like I used to do.  I do not panic like before--I Trust it will Work Out For The Best. The Goddess Energy works like this; I was so thankful to Isis for explaining what has been happening to me.
This is my story and I am sticking to it! I would love to hear from you if you have experienced similar 'awakenings' in your own life!


Reiki Doc