Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Hara is the seat of power in the human body/energy body.

In Martial Art, it is used to draw the Ki Yai breath--the loud DON'T MESS WITH ME! yell that is used to warn an attacker to back off.

In some people, Hara is imbalanced. Spirit is wanting me to study this. I like a puzzle, especially one that involves the body and the energy body.

Let us review medical knowledge of the healthy GI tract, the small and large intestines:

  • It is a 'second brain', due to the complex neuroendocrine tissue that ennervates the intestine.
  • It is a big immunity center in the body--a major seat of it.
  • When bowel is 'unhappy' from a health point of view, bacteria 'sneak through' the walls and into the peritoneum due to a process called 'translocation'. Ischemic bowel is known to do this.
Without dipping in to the 'Teacher's Edition'--'All Is Well' by Louise L. Hay and Mona Lisa Schulz, M.D., Ph.D. for 'the answers', let's discuss several people I know with intestine disease.

1. The Arbitrator:
This one developed life-threatening ulcerative colitis in childhood. The infection and anemia from the diseased colon would have killed them. To save a life, the entire colon was removed. A continent-ileostomy was created. This looks like an extra 'belly button' on the abdomen, and a small tube can be used to drain it of undigested food. 
The colon absorbs water and creates formed stool from gastric juices/digested food. 
Therefore someone without a colon has to release the 'waste' about six times a day. Some have the end of the small intestine, the Ileus attached directly to the rectum. Others, like The Arbitrator, have to drain it themselves.
This person also happens to enjoy trashing other people's reputations. A very negative person overall.

2. The RAW Vegan in Florida:
Some of you may know who this one is. This person 'self-healed' when 'doctors could not do anything for them'. They did 'everything that doctors say not to do' and got better. It is doubtful that this person had the severe form of Ulcerative Colitis like The Arbitrator. If it was mild, it wouldn't be troublesome. It probably was life-long medication, bleeding and diarrhea and pain, the 'moderate' form of the disease. With RAW foods, prayer, and optimism, as well as reaching out and helping others, this person has achieved 'permanent remission'. I would enjoy seeing a biopsy and a colonoscopy to prove the disease is gone forever from them. 
Because of the immune system, there may have been some 'trigger' to upset the bowel. By eating anti-inflammatory, high antioxidant RAW food, which contains its own enzymes to aid in the digestive process, the irritated bowel in his case 'calmed down'.
This person is a fast-talking New York Jew with a heart of gold and a real 'connection' to God.

3. The Business Owner:
This one has had recurrence of bowel issues with the colon. Diet, optimistic outlook, and social support along with medication achieved good 'quality of life' about three years ago. Since that time, there has been stress upon stress in the family business. The diet has changed back to baseline to allow for coping with the stress, some of which is financial. The rest is interpersonal.
This 'patient' is misery personified. The list of drugs keeps increasing, at great personal cost. The number of tests that are required to monitor the condition are expensive and keep needing 'more' to be done. Depression and poor outlook are starting to creep in. 
There is a downward spiral and this person is not 'pulling up'. Doctors orders are no lettuce, no vegetables of any kind. Only meat, cheese, and bread. 

Can you see there is some 'connection' with Hara to MORE than the digestive tract?

I do. In Medicine many of us notice that the Ulcerative Colitis and also the Crohn's patients have a certain tendency in the personality. They are highly detail-oriented, extremely focused and knowledgeable about their disease and its treatment, and in my practice seem to need a great deal of reassurance with their anesthetic because of a perceived 'loss of control'. Extra time is necessary to address their concerns. As health care workers, we are not sure if the unpleasant nature of the illness creates the personality, or the personality magnifies the effect of the illness. All that can be said is the two tend to 'go together'. It is always a pleasure for me to take care of these patients because they are nice people who have been through a lot; I enjoy the chance to 'be there for them' at their surgery and make it as pleasant an experience for them as possible.

There is a story you should know about me. I was in La Jolla for a class, sitting on a park bench, and I got to where I was so happy I just radiated love and joy for that moment there and then.

Guess what? Some old dude came up to me. His name was Myron A. Coler. He was a scientist and a writer. He said, 'you look smart.' and offered for me to have dinner with him to discuss business at the La Valencia hotel where he lived. His energy felt 'different', and I sort of wanted to run, but I thought it wouldn't hurt to hear him out.

He had come up with a new theory to cure all disease. It had to do with the molecular weights and the archimedes points of certain molecules. If the center of gravity was the same, it would cure the same disease.He called it 'hydropathy', which I just googled and there is nothing about it.  He hired me to do his calculations, since a woman who had been doing them for him was getting 'unreliable'. I did them for him but was concerned because like all millionaires I have met, they seem to feel entitled to your time and talent. I had three more years of medical school to finish! So when I did a wrong calculation (I didn't look up the atomic weight of some element like I should have), I 'got fired'. He was dying of prostate cancer, and I didn't miss his dinners or his brandy.

But wasn't it funny how the Universe 'sent' him to me at that moment of sheer joy and liberation from my everyday concerns? And even further, how I learned to extricate myself from his situation?

I used my intuition a lot on that 'lesson'. My Hara was slow to kick in, but when it did, I got the heck out of there and got 'back' to my life so I could enjoy it again.

If it wasn't for the money, I never would have went at all. But I paid for med school, all of it, by myself, and I was hoping for a little easier time of it with the extra money from my extra work with him.


Are you ready?

Here are Louise's affirmations for this second chakra illness:

  • I trust the process of life.
  • I know that Life always supports me and takes care of me.
  • I am lovable and loved
I think we got some good insights on that one together, didn't we?


Reiki Doc

P.S. This is medicine for your healing, above. Enjoy!