Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Today as I got dressed, Blessed Mother told me to 'look your prettiest!'

So I wore yellow, made a french braid, tucked the end up and in, added a sparkling hair pin, and had on the shoes with gold I call my 'Cinderella shoes'. They are the most beautiful pair of shoes I have ever seen, and I like shoes. I also wore my very best fragrance, one by Tom Ford that is very hard to get.

Everyone I interacted with was amazed at how good I looked. The teachers at school. The administrative assistant. The front desk at the O.R.--many hugs, about six--with compliments.

At the business meeting, for a project, everyone noticed. My 'boss' for the project said, 'Yellow IS your color!'

So did I let this all go to my head?

Not at all!

I worked it.

Spirit provided a 'patient' to work with in Spirit Mode: an incredibly fat worker, a little shorter than me, who was in line ahead of me in the women's restroom.

I felt her energy. It was low. Self-hatred and loathing.

I opened up. I smiled as we were washing our hands. She had dropped a paper towel on the floor by accident before she washed her hands, and ignored it; I knew she couldn't bend. I washed up, dried, and with my wet paper towel bent down and picked hers up. I threw it away with love in my heart and a smile.

Wouldn't you know it, but every time I went to the washroom, that lady was there? The whole DAY!

And every time, a bright 'hello!' and smile from me.

At the end of the day, I saw her walking back to her desk as I was going toward the elevator.

I waved, nodded, smiled, and said my cheeriest, 'hello!'

Guess what?

She smiled a genuine smile at me back. She also waved and said, 'have a good day!'

That, my friends, is what Ascension is all about. Peer-to-peer raising of the Vibration by exposing them to your own.

Heart to heart communication.

Welcome to the Higher Dimensions!


Reiki Doc