Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Assistance From the Devas and Faeries Now

Alternative news had two BIG headlines today. The first is from Gaia Portal: http://gaiaportal.wordpress.com/2013/04/30/expansion-of-gaia-connection-portals-occurs-at-this-time/

The Devics and the Faerie Realm are working furiously towards planetary liberation. Their project will be complete by 6.6.2103.

The Other is from 2012portal.blogspot.com:
 the Compression Wormhole is Now Operational.

If you have been following the status closely, there has been a lot going on 'behind the scenes' and also 'between the Higher and Lower Dimensions', again, Higher and Lower reflect 'Vibrational States' of increasing frequency. It is not judgmental in any way--all beings are here at this time with a Purpose that is right on track. No matter how 'lost' it may appear to you at the moment, you will get tapped on the shoulder to do your part when the time is right. It will happen. And you will 'know' what to do. That is how I wound up making vortexes, for example. I just 'know'.

Today a very big tap just came to me--of all times for it to happen--when it was late and I was washing the dishes after putting my boy to bed...

Lu Deva.

I recalled how my nannu (Sicilian for 'Grandfather') used to call me that. It is almost like Devics--many Devas...It is pronounced 'Day-Vah'.

I translated it in Italian to English on Google Translate. Nothing. Sicilian is an obscure old language indeed! I used to get called Da Caruzza and also Cucuzza because they were close to my Italian name, which is Carluzza. I asked my nana what they meant? Da Caruzza is the little one you worry about and want to take care of. Cucuzza is a long, green Italian squash I grew up eating. They are three feet long and about four inches diameter. For years I thought they had been calling me a pretty bright green summer squash. What I didn't know or understand at the time, and I am sure that they had not meant it, is that colloquial Sicilian uses that term to designate someone whose mind is as useless as the cucuzza squash. It is an insult, and I never knew it. It must be like 'gordo' in Latin homes; a term of endearment?

Lu Deva?

I looked it up on Wiki: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Deva_(Buddhism)

Apparently it is a good thing. Devas are non-human spiritual entities who are invisible to the eye. They span a range from Higher Devas who are formless and meditate on hard-to-fathom topics, to Lower Devas who fight each other and give advice to people on earth, they are THAT close to being human. They have passion. Devas can 'die' after a predetermined lifespan that can stretch out into eons of our time. Then there is this quote in the article: Furthermore, you should recollect the devas: 'There are the devas of the Four Great Kings, the devas of the Thirty-three,..."[2] [196. Dh.] "Feeders of joy we shall be like the radiant gods (devas)."

Now it starts to get more involved. I saw this number sequence today 333. I saw it on license plates. Not only that, I saw it THREE different times on three different cars.

According to Doreen Virtue, 333 means 'you are completely surrounded, protected, loved, and guided by benevolent Ascended Masters.'

Here is what I think is going on:

The Compression Breakthrough is when the 'golden spike' of the 'transcontinental railroad' linking the Archon/Cabal-free subsurface Resistance Fighters to the non-human spiritual Light Warriors who are actively removing the Non-Physical Archons of the Etheric planes. When these two forces touch, then the two will combine and Victory of the Light will happen. 

Cobra, of 2012Portal.blogspot.com, and a point source for information about the Resistance Movement for the Liberation of the Planet, posted that 'The Compression Wormholes are Now Operational'.

What I 'see' in my minds' eye, is that many spiritual Light Warriors from all over the cosmos are able to travel through this Wormhole and assist with the Planetary Liberation Process, namely, the removal of the Dark forces and dismantling The Veil. Gaia is a 'prison planet', and there is a whole other blog post on that there which is outside the scope of this post. (check the Yoda series of posts to learn why--search 'yoda' in the search box and you will find the entire series.)

The Faeries, who have retreated to the Higher Realms due to vibrational incompatibility with the third dimension, and the Devas, who are also in the same boat, are coming in through the wormholes in masses and are using their energy to clear the rest of the archons out of the space between the etheric planes and the subsurface. Several weeks ago, Cobra posted that the below-surface region had been cleared energetically, and furthermore that the Veil was only as thick as one hundred feet in some places.

So...think Positive thoughts! Sit back and enjoy knowing that  a great deal is going on for all of our benefit. In every way, I am helping to make the Victory a reality. I blog. I pray. I blast the freaking-awesome Platinum Ray just about everywhere I can think of, most recently, all cell phone towers on my carrier! Why not? It can't hurt. I study. I reflect. I am in constant meditation and connected to Source in all that  do.

Today I had one patient look up at me in the middle of her 'twilight sleep' procedure on the back, and say, 'You are AWESOME!' (I wonder if it's contagious? ; )  ) She special requested me to do her follow up case, the definitive one after todays test, tomorrow. The PACU invited me to speak on 'Anesthesia 101 for Recovery Room Nurses' in May. I was chosen out of all the anesthesiologists to speak. I attuned another patient to Reiki 1, to help with general spiritual awakening enough to find a path to health using intuition in the fight against the disease for which the surgery was needed. Although I dropped my cell phone, and it broke, I was able to remain calm and make things better after work. My new phone is an iPhone 5, in white, and in a silver metal Mophie extended battery case.  It is a total example of how Spirit 'raises the volume to get your attention to what they are trying to say'.

Two months ago I picked up from Spirit, 'buy a new phone'.
Three weeks ago, I went to the carrier and considered buying one, but I had to wait until August for an upgrade. I didn't want to add another line.
Today, my phone smacked glass-down on the floor as I was bending over. It slipped right out of my scrub pocket. The image was smeared, and I could not unlock it. Fortunately, everything was backed up on cloud, and I was able to restore most of the information onto the new phone.

I had been guided by Spirit in December to make my screen saver, of all things, be a giant, blue crashing wave with a left break. I was like, 'okay. I don't get it, but, okay.'

I didn't want to switch phones because I learned it was a symbol of, um, someone I care about. I liked it because of the prediction I had faith and didn't understand at first but now I know. It was a sign meant, 'this person is from God and is okay.'

Well, guess what? I never knew about the 'restore' function until today. And my wave is right where it belongs on my white iPhone...I also have my R2-D2 text message alert on there, too.

The point is: there is a lot going on 'out there' that is pretty much out of our 'control' except when it comes to our attitudes, thoughts, and perceptions. It is by 'letting go' and 'surrendering to the process' Spirit guides us to our new 'one-size larger' Consciousness. It is gentle, almost imperceptible, growth, yet the results are beyond the imagination with just how wonderful they are!

I know this is a lot to 'digest', but it is important. So go ahead, have a 'tisane' or 'herbal tea' and enjoy. You will 'get it'; I have full confidence in you, your intuition, and your Guides.


Reiki Doc